Loose Charging Port, maybe? EVO Shift 4GSupport

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  1. skadooshkachow

    skadooshkachow New Member

    Well, at first, i thought it might've been my charger. though, my charger works perfectly fine on other phones. I also tried using someone else's charger and they have the exact same phone. At first, to get it to charge even a little, I had to wiggle around the charger in the phone's port and it worked only momentarily my phone's been with pretty much no battery power the last 3 days. Now, my phone's completely dead and it won't charge sufficiently. Does anyone know a way to charge it without me having to replace the whole phone?

  2. turkbot

    turkbot Active Member

    You can get a wall dock for the battery but I would also suggest getting a few spare batteries along with it

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