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  1. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    is anyone elses charger connection loose? where it plugs in, mine falls out if i touch it a tiny bit

  2. lcneed

    lcneed Well-Known Member

    It seems like a common problem for Note II. Because the charging port is too far in, the micro usb cannot be plugged far enough to stay put. Mine sits really slug. I don't know if Samsung changed the port or the cable. One easy fix is to trim some plastic off the cable so it could be push further into the port. Or use a different cable than the one supplied.

    But before you try anything, make sure your cable is plug all the way in. When you first push it in, it looks like it stopped and it would be charging but the cable could fall out easily.. but you could push it again and you will hear a click and it will be in there for good. At least that's how mine work.
  3. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    With all the problems you seem to be having, it might be best to just try and exchange the N2 out and get a replacement.
  4. Cowboy905

    Cowboy905 Active Member

    i have this issue with my charger at work which i believe came from an old BlackBerry. My N2 supplied charger at home has no issues though as it's a bit fatter
  5. Schwuar

    Schwuar Well-Known Member

    yeah i'm not having much luck, ive tried pushing the charger further in but didnt want to push too hard, i can see its in as its catching on the phone so it wont go any further :(

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