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  1. Yuriy

    Yuriy New Member


    We have published new high quality game on android market - Lord Of Magic.

    It is mix of rpg, defence and casual gaming. You are a young mage that have to protect world from monsters invasion.

    23 spells and abilities in 3 magic and 1 ability schools.
    19 levels in 3 different locations
    12 hard monsters with 3 power levels and special abilities.

    Awesome innovation in mana presentation and spells casting. All spells are controlled only by gestures, starting from simple swipe and ending with complex figures.

    Intro - YouTube - Lord Of Magic intro

    Free version is available to try:

    gl & hf :)

    Thanks for attention,
    Corsair Games

  2. LcsEvo

    LcsEvo Well-Known Member

    I completely do not understand the goal of the game lol. Please explain the objective a little. Like what we are killing and why? Perhaps another video of gameplay. Trailer looks good though.
  3. morph4290

    morph4290 Active Member

    Very fun game.

    Some suggestions:

    Add a survival mode to the maps that unlocks once we beat all maps at least once.

    Allow us to upgrade past level 5 on all skills with values diminishing to 1-5% per point.

    Add additional spells to each of the three elements as well as some masteries. Maybe add a nature tree that poisons and roots enemies?

    More maps that also unlock once you beat the current set. The new maps should have unique circumstances built in (only use fire tree, can't use any ultimates, etc)

    I look forward to seeing this game improve and expand. Right now I consider robo defense and shrimpocalypse two of the top tower defenses games, but this one could become a top contender.
  4. EightRooks

    EightRooks Well-Known Member

    It's good, but could have done with a bit more work. The sprites don't mesh with the background that well, with monsters clipping through houses and trees, and are they supposed to turn big sometimes for no reason? Happens with liches, too - sometimes they appear blown up to twice the size.

    Necromancy also seems suspiciously easy, though I'm only just onto the second set of levels. Still, once you've upgraded liches' power a little, once you've got one or two down you've won as long as you're careful. It's a hell of an advantage to get a 1 in 4 chance of what is essentially an automatic turret appearing for every enemy you kill. If the enemies could attack them (hey, Dungeon Defenders does it that way) that might balance it out - I know they lose health but they can still stick around for a long time.

    I like it, though. Happy to pay for it, hope you can get some updates out.
  5. Yuriy

    Yuriy New Member

    Thanks for feedbacks everyone. I continue working on game and solving existing problems(especially with game balance).
    Hope to get the game much better with upcoming updates.
  6. morph4290

    morph4290 Active Member

    I played a few more rounds yesterday and unlocked ice tower. It seems that you can summon as many as you can afford.

    Suggestion: limit the amount of ice towers we can summon to 3-5 and then have new ones replace the oldest cast. It might help out a little bit with game performance.
  7. morph4290

    morph4290 Active Member

    I was playing on my level 34 save today and multiple times on different maps the game would straight up freeze. Out of probably 10 tries on different maps, I couldn't complete a single one without freezing.

    Is there a level cap implemented that's causing this? On my way to 34 I had very few issues, but once I hit 34, I couldn't complete anything.

    I will give it another shot later today.

    Edit: It seems that particular save was corrupted somehow. I started a new save and haven't seen the same issue appear again.
  8. amee

    amee New Member

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Amee and I am with Appbackr. I was not sure who to contact but can I have the information for the person in charge of developing Lord of Magic
    ? We are currently working on a project in China and would like to discuss more with you about the Lord of Magic app.

    Thank You,
    Amee Patel

    Email: amee@appbackr.com
    Website: http://www.appbackr.com

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