Lord of Ultima

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  1. polymesh

    polymesh New Member

    Hi all, first time posting here!

    For those of you who already have HTC Desire,
    I have a question regarding to the capability of game based on browser.

    Like title says, can you play Lord of Ultima?

    I would also like to know if anyone tried any browser based game apart
    from Lord of Ultima as well :)

    Thanks in advance!:)

    PS:In Japan we are getting on 27th of this Months ..
    preordered it already and I can't wait to get hold of it.:D

  2. edda0199

    edda0199 New Member

    Congratulations to you! I am always want to have HTC, but i have no opportunite to learn more about it!

  3. DEWAGE83

    DEWAGE83 New Member

    I can get LoU to load and see my buildings and stuff running Firefox and a DROID 4, but its laggy and doesn't let me do much of anything. You might have to install the flash browser add on or w.e but you can do it if you have a lot of patience

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