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  1. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

    I've been having this problem probably once a day since I've gotten the phone where my phone will lose data signal while switching between 3G and LTE and the only way to get data back is to restart the phone. Turning airplane mode on and off won't work either.

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    you mean when it automatically switches or when you manually switch to turn 4G off?
  3. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

    when it switches automatically. i'm set to lte/cdma and when i am on lte i do get really good signal. but when it has to switch to 3G i've had this issue come up. not all the time but about once a day
  4. dougriley

    dougriley New Member

    I felt compelled to register on this forum bc of how much this issue is driving me insane. I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a solution to this issue without luck. I am almost at the point of exchanging this phone for the GN if I can't figure out a solution. However, I have heard this is a pretty common issue among all 4g devices.

    On a side note, I found this issue to arrise when the phone makes multiple attempts to transfer data when service signal is low. The thing that kills me is the phone just gives up trying to transfer data. Even if you gain full signal strength back, the phone will not attempt to transfer data until you reset the device.

    I love the rezound, but this issue makes me want to throw my phone off a cliff.
  5. Puppa

    Puppa Well-Known Member

    Don't kid yourself... GN will be worse. What is your locale? I don't see this issue at all. I've heard there were bad sim cards around that caused similar issues. Try reseating your card first. I haven't restarted my phone for any reason for at least 2 weeks, so what you are seeing isn't normal.
  6. djtimmy

    djtimmy Member

    Try going to settings then wireless & networks then mobile networks then check the box that says enable always-on mobile data.
  7. dougriley

    dougriley New Member

    I didn't mean to come off hostile with my previous post, just very frustrated. I have tried the suggestions mentioned here with no luck. The only reason I am thinking about exchanging for another device is that I feel this might be a software issue.

    Don't get me wrong, I would not be complaining about this problem if things went back to normal after achieving a better signal. The phone just seems to time out and give up trying to transfer data.

    And you can't say that this issue is abnormal if you've actually taken a look around at all the people claiming the exact same thing.

    I feel some people might not understand this issue if they always have decent signal. I completely understand not everywhere I'll need to use the phone will have great reception. It just kills me that once the device gains signal, the phone is already through trying to transfer data.

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