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Losing E-Mails after upgrade to 2.2 (Browse All)

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  1. mrcengineer

    mrcengineer Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 27, 2010
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    After upgrading to 2.2, I noticed that my e-mails are acting flaky...

    I have my e-mail setup on the EVO (Not G-Mail) and it worked fine before the upgrade. Now, when I receive an email, I have to read the e-mails right away, because if I close the e-mail client, and reopen it, after it syncs up with my e-mail server, the previous e-mails go away. I cant find them in the trash... they are just gone! I have it checked in settings to ask before delete, and they are still disappearing!! Anyone else having this issue after 2.2? My buddy at work just told me his is doing the same thing... I thought it was just mine.


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