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  1. minizracer

    minizracer New Member

    Got a question that nobody answed yet. Example...
    Looked at my phone memory and had 2.5 gigs left. Downloaded a 1 gig game. Moved the game to the SD card. Looked at phone memory again. Now it has 1.5 gigs? Seems like this keeps happening. Not understanding why im losing phone memory when its on SD card.

  2. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    I suspect not all files are moved to external card, simply because the card is not fast enough to run a software. So while some of the content files will be moved, other parts need to remain on the phones memory. And perhaps there is a certain space reserved for its operations, like temp files etc...
  3. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    Only the app data (settings, personalizations, etc.) is moved to sd, not the app itself. As for the size discrepancy, you'll probably get a different result if you check again after restarting the phone, as most devices only scan the external sd at boot time.
  4. minizracer

    minizracer New Member

    Thanks. I did check my phone today again (was off at night), still the same. I understand some of the app going on the phone and not all going to SD card. But i didnt think all of app would go on phone even tho i can put it on SD. Is there a certain type of SD card thats better? Mine is from my previous Samsung droid charge phone.

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