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Lossless audio on the G1?Support

  1. KeEp +

    KeEp + Active Member

    Is there any way to get lossless audio like FLAC to play on the G1? I've been searching online for an answer but haven't found a good answer.

  2. yodi

    yodi New Member

    I'm not sure there is any point really. The audio out is not good enough to be able to tell the difference and it would use a lot more battery to play them.
  3. KeEp +

    KeEp + Active Member

    I guess that makes sense. But its more for when I make ringtones, I want them to sound really really loud. A friend of mines has his ringtones loud as **** when his phones rings I want the same. Any suggestions?
  4. ERamseth

    ERamseth Member

    a) language

    b) Lossless audio has nothing to do with how loud your ringtone is. Open an mp3 in Audacity and use the filter that changes the loudness (I believe it is the "amplify" effect) if you want to artificially make a file louder, although you will run into clipping (distortion) if you push it too loud.

    Audcaity can be found here: http://audacity.sf.net/
  5. muzicman0

    muzicman0 Well-Known Member

    Get a audio editor that supports VST plugins, and use a loudness maximizer...this will increase the perceived volume without clipping. a loudness maximizer is essentially a specialized compressor.
  6. PeterTheta

    PeterTheta New Member

    I've ripped my CD collection lossless because I never want to have to rip it again, simple as that. Even if FLAC vanishes into history I can just run a batch conversion, I don't have to go back to the CDs. Some Android luv for FLAC or ALAC would make sense.

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