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Lost 4g

  1. MIGhunter

    MIGhunter Member

    My buddy just rooted my Sensation 4G and put ICS on it. Everything works really well but I noticed this morning that I'm only getting 3G signal. I checked with my wife's Sensation and it's getting 4g. What would cause me not to get 4g signal?

  2. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    If your phone has a custom ROM, the HSPA+ (TMobiles 4G) is known as either (3G or H)
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  3. MIGhunter

    MIGhunter Member

    Hey, thanks. I thought that might be the case and I download a speedtest and it's downloading between 4g and 5g depending on if I'm sitting in the HSPA+ zone. Thanks you for the reply.

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