Lost access to my hidden apps since KitKat updateSupport

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  1. oleb84

    oleb84 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone help? I used to be able to hide/show apps by pressing the menu button on the apps drawer.
    Now the only option I get is to uninstall/disable apps and I can't find a way to access my hidden ones.

    Also (I don't think this is part of the update) I can't figure out how to delete a folder from the apps drawer, any ideas how to do this?

  2. Smpwojcik

    Smpwojcik Member

    Howdy. What a strange occurrence. If the "show disabled apps" option isn't available after hitting the menu key while in the App drawer, try going into the App list in the settings, find the missing apps, disable them and then enable them again. Just a shot in the dark. Only other thing I can think of is a factory reset. Sorry.

    For your folder issue, open app draw, hit menu key, press edit, empty folder by holding an icon for about a second and the drug it out. Once folders empty tap outside the folder to close it and then hold and drag the folder to the top of the screen. It'll say delete or clear or something like that at the top.

    Like and thank if it was helpful. Good luck.
  3. Smpwojcik

    Smpwojcik Member

  4. That feature for the kitkat up date has been removed. Best thing to do if you want to hide apps is use a third party launcher. I use nova, but there are many to give you what you want.

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