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Lost All My Thanksgiving Photos!Support

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  1. pinkful

    pinkful Member

    I drove 300 miles to spend Thanksgiving with family, took a bunch of pix on my Electrify of everyone. Came home, "organized" the new photos by creating an album name 2011 Thanksgiving and "copying" them into it. I looked at them in the new album. I went back to the "All Photos" album which seems to be where the camera stores them, and deleted the copies there.

    I went back to my newly created album to look at them again, and the album was empty!!! Who would have ever thought that copying them over to a different album did not really mean that? They were gone from the Thanksgiving album and the All Photos album both. So, thanks to a crazy system, my family photos of 2011 Thanksgiving are gone for good!!!:mad:

    Can anyone explain why this happened? Must I always keep ALL my photos in the one main album? And scroll and scroll thru them to find stuff? Help!

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    You should be able to recovery them I think. If they were on a computer hard drive, you would need software like GetDataBack. It's not free and I don't know if it's suitable for use on a phone, but with google >> Google

    Good luck. Try free software or free to try with full use.
  3. jknutter

    jknutter Member

    Check your gmail the pictures may uploaded there.

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