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  1. animator13

    animator13 New Member

    Hey guys

    I updated to ics yesterday and since then I've lost all my phone contacts that I saved in gmail. I tried using gmail contact restore option through pc but that dint work. I donno why Android update would delete contacts from gmail.
    Apart from this, my wifi shows connected but doesn't work when I'm on a static server even after putting in the ip details but works fine in DHCP server.
    Really need some help here.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. shaunemattsson

    shaunemattsson New Member

    Same thing happened to me--very frustrating! After lots of other attempts, this is what fixed it for me:
    • Select People
    • In the menu, select Contacts to Display
    • Select Customize
    • In gmail, I found lots of the boxes not checked. Once I checked them all, all of my phone # showed up
    Hope this works for you!
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  3. animator13

    animator13 New Member

    Thanks for the reply Shaune.
    They are all checked. I don't see them in my gmail account when I check from my pc too. :(
  4. Skyrocket122

    Skyrocket122 Member

    I had the same problem, found this info about the update. Appears certain contacts would be lost after update..........SAMSUNG

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