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Lost messaging app (Browse All)

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  1. nogdolan

    nogdolan Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    A weird thing happened to my Behold 2 this week end. I went to send a text message using Hancent and I noticed that all of the text bubbles for received text were missing! Then upon further research I noticed that the default messaging app was no longer on the phone. I tried to un-install and then re-install Handcent but that did not fix the problem. With Handcent un-installed I was unable to send any text messages. I did a factory reset from both with in the settings panel and from the recovery console. Still no default messaging app. I was running the Galaxy ROM on a rooted phone for several weeks and never had a problem before this weekend. I ODINed the Behold 2 ROM back on the phone and everything is working again... Any ideas?:eek:


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