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  1. KnightStalker

    KnightStalker Member

    Just got this phone (Stratosphere, Verizon) yesterday, and I've screwed it up already. Messaging used to be on the bottom fixed bar, along with Phone, Contacts, and Applications. Now it's gone missing. How do I get it back?


  2. wewantutopia

    wewantutopia Member

    Hit applications button. In the applications screen hit menu button. Hit edit. Drag messaging to the bottom row. Hit menu button again and hit save.


    You can drag any shortcut you want down there from the applications screen.
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  3. KnightStalker

    KnightStalker Member

    Sweet! Thanks for the tip ;)
  4. wewantutopia

    wewantutopia Member

    No problem!! :)
  5. KnightCrusader

    KnightCrusader Well-Known Member

    Crap, I have a stalker?!? Ahhh!! :p
  6. KnightStalker

    KnightStalker Member

    Muahahahaha! :)
  7. daventodd

    daventodd Member

    Haha, i got confused between the two of you. I was like "How does he have in-depth software/coding/whatever-you-call-it knowledge and not know how to replace the messaging application." Lol.

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