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  1. pat_carey2000

    pat_carey2000 Member

    Hi, 1 problem hope i explain correctly. I recently installed android on my HTC HD2 and was trying to move an app from home page and accidentely placed it between the phone tab and internet tab at bottom of screen where the application tab use to be.. so i can no longer get in to my applications where camera, applications and everything else is... How can i get this back???

  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Try to long press on the icon, and see if you can change it to something else.
  3. pat_carey2000

    pat_carey2000 Member

    thanks but nothing happens.. I have also tried uninstalling the app but that didn't work either, just an empty android folder.
  4. pat_carey2000

    pat_carey2000 Member

    The widget i need is the application menu widget. If i want to reinstall android again do i just follow every step again from step 1 or can i just erase android folder from memory card and then just copy it over again from my desktop????
  5. yrrab

    yrrab Member

    i did the same thing but couldnt work out how to get it back so i had to do a reinstal of android what a pain sorry
  6. str8jaket

    str8jaket New Member

    Long press home screen, launcher actions, open/close app drawer.

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