Lost my droid last night...

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  1. onesicktexan

    onesicktexan Well-Known Member

    Well i left my wallet and droid on top of my car and drove off. Pretty pissed. So in the event this happens again with my new droid, is there any apps that will help me find my phone if it is lost or stolen? :mad:

  2. fireshaper

    fireshaper Well-Known Member

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  3. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I have an App called SmrtGuard on my Blackberry which is also available on the Market for free. It can wipe your device remotely and also find it. You go to their website and login and it is shows you a map where your device is within a few hundred feet. Of course your phone needs to be "on" and not smashed into a bunch of pieces along the side of the highway somewhere ;)
  4. supersaki

    supersaki Well-Known Member

    MobileDefense can track it as well, but is currently in closed beta.

    Have you called it already to see if a good samaritan may have picked it up? Have you already called VZW to suspend the account/blacklist the phone?
  5. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to. VIP Member

    If someone steals it, your pretty much sol, but if you lose it, there are apps on the market that will allow u to track it down.. but in cases like this, it just goes to show how important insurance on your Droid is..
  6. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Maybe a good samaritan will find your phone AND wallet, track you down and give them back to you. Most people are generally good-natured like that...

    Did you contact the police to see if anyone turned them in?
  7. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to. VIP Member

    Yeah hopefully someone will return it, I know I would.. But on another note, sorry for your loss..
  8. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Lookout Mobile Security beta is still open (I believe) and also tracks your phone. Nailed mine to within 0 meters in about 5 minutes... I know, it's a little late now but maybe for next time
  9. Ru83n

    Ru83n Well-Known Member

    sorry about ur loss but i agree WaveSecure +1
  10. slburto1

    slburto1 Member

  11. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    Last year my son lost his phone while we were on vacation. I checked with lost & found at the venue we were at within 30 minutes of losing it, and again before closing, but no luck. It was a prepaid phone, so I didn't bother reporting it to the carrier, as there was only a $10 balance on it.

    After we got home, I looked up the call records for calls made after he lost the phone, and started calling the numbers. On the first few calls I struck out, reaching someone wouldn't rat out their friend who had called them. On the next call I got lucky - reaching an honest grandmotherly-sounding woman who had overheard some kids talking about finding something. I called her back a few hours later and she had the phone in her hands, and the kids were in deep doo doo.

    The following Monday I mailed here a prepaid priority mail box and she returned the phone to us, and refused any type of reward.

    So, even though whoever finds your phone may not be a good samaritan, they may use it to call someone who is.

    Good luck!
  12. Predator04

    Predator04 Member

    I always use "Wheres My Droid" Love that program!

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