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  1. bummpr

    bummpr Active Member

    Lost my ability to send and receive MMS messages and attachments this past weekend. Suddenly getting "No APN for this Android device" when I try to send picture.

    I apparently lost every single setting trying to find a messaging app I can love.

    Could one of you kind people please post what you have for native MMS settings for your Tracfone ZTE Valet device???

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    It depends on the carrier, not the device. You might find the data online by searching <carrier> apn settings (like verizon apn settings), but your best bet is to take it into the carrier's store and see if there's someone there other than a salesdroid.
  3. bummpr

    bummpr Active Member

    Thanks Rukbat but I posted this on the ZTE Valet forum and I was trying to personalize for my fellow buddies here. And since the Valet is a Tracfone product, I can't just walk into a carrier store. My friend, Google, seems to give me some conflicting results so I was appealing to the kindness of my fellow forum participants.

    But thanks for taking the time to respond and offer help. :)
  4. Goofee691

    Goofee691 Active Member

    I think this link might help you,
    Phone Programming | NET10

    I know its Net10 however they are also a MVNO and when I was on the phone for support with them I was actually transferred to tracfone.

    It lists them as the settings for the GSM carriers but why not give it a try.

    This may also help
    Straight Talk - HowardForums Wiki

    I just saw notification that my ZTE was delivered today however I am currently at work but I can check the MMS settings on it when I get out.

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