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  1. jennyfightsfoo

    jennyfightsfoo New Member

    Tonight my friend updated my phone and I realized that all of my photos have disappeared. However, all my contact photos along with my background photo have remained. Is there any way I can get all my photos back?

  2. gregbennett20

    gregbennett20 New Member

    Well it depends on what happened to it exactly. Are they the photos stored on the phones storage? Have you always accessed by going to the gallery? What type of update?(over the air pushed to the phone, downloaded from a site and installed?)

    They should still be there through the usual type of update unless the phone was reset to factory and the storage wiped. That's unlikely. You could try using a file manager(Astro File Manager in Google Play) and browsing the storage the way you would a computer to see if the photos are in a different location somehow.
  3. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member

    Was it an OTA update? Are you unrooted and on stock Android?

    As stated, I doubt it would have deleted anything on your 'SDCARD' area. Perhaps they were in Picasa/Cloud storage? Have you reset the gamil sync? Also, some custom versions of the camera/gallery app don't sync to this.
  4. 172driver

    172driver Well-Known Member

    It sounds like the problem of Gallery not syncing with Picasa. I've installed an app that can access Picasa, but would rather have the Gallery resume it's ability to show my Picasa Albums instead.

    Anybody know how to get Gallery fixed to display Picasa Albums?
  5. 172driver

    172driver Well-Known Member

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