Lost pic and videos when I uninstalled Pandora app! please help

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  1. WhiteBuffalo

    WhiteBuffalo New Member

    I uninstalled Pandora app which hides pics and video in my gallery. I have a HTC Evo. I have many video and pics. I uninstalled Pandora, I went to pic gallery on Evo and EMPTY!!! Im so bummed:confused:

    I tried to reinstalled Pandora, and empty too!

    I heard something about they may be in some hidden file beggining with a period"."/dot but i have no idea how to access that.

  2. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Did you try using Astro File Manager or a file program to try to review the SD card to see if the pictures are still there?

    If so, review the folders, and see if there are any text files in there, and review / edit the text files in the DCIM folder, where the photos are stored.
  3. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    Also, I have noticed that sometimes this happens to me for various reasons and that if I restart the phone I force the media card to be re-scanned. I now have the app Rescan Media Card. My problem usually has to do with taking a few pictures and them not showing up in my gallery. I just use the rescan app and then the pictures show up in the gallery.
  4. Novaxxbite

    Novaxxbite New Member

    i've created an account just to post this...
    i tested it out myself (install pandora, hide , uninstall then re install)
    it dissapears but what you have to do is access ur sdcard using ur computer and
    find pandora>(whatever media)>data... boom there it is
    just erase ".pandora" at the end and its visible again :)

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