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Lost Quick Launch ToolbarSupport

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  1. Bighibee2000

    Bighibee2000 New Member

    I have just swithced from my ipone to the new samsung galaxy s4 and have losted the quick launch toolbar does anyone know how to get it back? :(

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Hi and welcome to Android Forums!

    Uh oh. Sounds like an easy fix for other S4 users to give you. I am taking the liberty of moving your post here:

    Samsung Galaxy S4 - Android Forums

    There you will find other S4 users ready to help you master your new device. Always feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    it's great to have you here :)
  3. Ruff4ge

    Ruff4ge New Member

    Hold down the back button.
  4. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    And if you want access to your recently opened Apps or the Task Manager and Google Now, simply press & hold on the hardware Menu button beneath the screen.
  5. caraj

    caraj Active Member

    For some reason holding my back button no longer brings up that quick launch menu.

    And also, is it a quick launch menu or a multi window app list? Because I could not figure out how to place apps in this menu Even after pressing edit. (that is when I was able to access this menu)

    Anyone know how to bring this quick menu up when holding the back key doesnt do it?
  6. caraj

    caraj Active Member

    Ok I found it. Swipe down- click upper right to show all quick settings then click "multi window". But as I said i guess this is only for apps that supports multi window and most apps do not.
  7. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    To clarify, multi-window jas to be enabled via settings or the notification area for the 'long press back button' to work. If multi-window is disabled, the back button won't have any effect.

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