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lost ringtones

  1. LethalAndroid

    LethalAndroid Member

    My wife recently found out she is missing all her stock ringtones... she is on an untouched droid no root no update. I know it wasn't me and prolly wasn't her. Anyone know where they are located or if they are even accessible without root. Pics are good and ringtones downloaded from mabilo are accounted for. Only stock ones missing. Any help is appreciated as she blames me due to fiddling with my own phone. Haha

  2. LethalAndroid

    LethalAndroid Member

    Ok we'll I figured it out. And if u ever have this problem what happened to me is that either mabilo or zedge was assigned to take over management of ringtones. So I uninstalled checked ringtones and yaaay they are back. Then reinstall. Ok I'm happy now.

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