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Lost shortcuts - baffled!Support

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  1. Thana Niveau

    Thana Niveau Member

    OK, so I went crazy in the Google Play store (as we all do when we're playing with our very first smartphone!) :D and I downloaded a few live wallpapers. I shoved them in the "favourites" folder (F) until it got full so I made a new folder for wallpapers (W). I moved the newest shortcuts (that were on the home screen) into W but couldn't figure out how to move the ones from F into W. So I dragged them onto "remove" from F, hoping they'd be on the desktop and I could move them into W from there. But they're gone. The apps are still there somewhere (the one I installed is currently running) - I just can't find the shortcuts! :confused:

    Anyone know how to restore them? Is there a "trash/recycle bin" equivalent on the phone that I can drag stuff out of?

    I downloaded Astro file manager hoping I could track them down that way but it doesn't seem to show any apps. Neither are they visible through my computer.

  2. Thana Niveau

    Thana Niveau Member

    I surfed around looking for an answer to this one and found another forum where someone explained that dragging a shortcut/widget into "remove" only removes the shortcut, not the app. Is that true? If so I can clean up my home screen without worrying about deleting apps!

    Please let me know if it's safe to do that.
  3. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Yes that is spot on. If you drag a shortcut off to the trash.. the app is still on your phone. You can long press a shortcut until it is hi-lited and drag it to another screen as well. You can also long press an empty spot on a screen and then choose shortcut from the pop up menu and then add a new shortcut. You can have multiple shortcuts for the same app if you like.. on different screens. It's designed to be very flexible to suit many different user likes. But yes... you aren't removing apps when you delete a shortcut. Have fun.
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