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Lost sms popupSupport

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  1. farlofan

    farlofan New Member

    Recently there was an upgrade to the system available, which I did, but since then there is no popup appearing when I get a new text. It only appears in the notification bar at top.
    Used to just drag the popup into the ring to open message, now there's more to do.
    Anyone else had this or know anyway to get the popup back?
    I did download sms popup app, but found it wasn't very good.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi farlofan. Not knowing your phone or upgrade, it's quite likely that the change in the notification was as you suggested.. a change by the upgrade. I use the stock message app so I'm no help. Your best bet is to try some different apps from the play store until you find one that you like. Welcome to AF by the way. I hope another will have a suggestion for you.

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