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  1. Slacker1313

    Slacker1313 Active Member

    Just got new update and all my text messages are gone. The circle just spins as if its trying to find them then just closes. Anyone experience this? Fix?

    This is not good.

  2. Groid

    Groid Well-Known Member

    Well, someone might be able to help you if you said what got updated, and what messaging program you are using.
  3. Slacker1313

    Slacker1313 Active Member

    Sorry it was the 4.0.4 update. Just got it this morning. It actually fixed itself. I tested it by sending out a text message and once i did that all my text's showed up. Scared the hell out of me.
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    My very strong suggestion: use an app to back up your text messages right now. I recommend SMS Backup+ (which will backup to a folder on your GMail account) or SMS Backup and Restore (which will backup to your SD card).

    Then do a factory data reset and reinstall all of your apps from scratch.

    Yes, it's a pain in the neck. Yes, it's too bad that this is needed. There is more than enough evidence that the Bionic upgraded to ICS does not run well after upgrading without a data reset, and you may find yourself within days or weeks without any of your SMS messages anyway.



    If you need access to old call logs, SMS Backup+ can back those up as well (plus put them in a Google calendar), or the developer of SMS Backup & Restore has a similar app for call log backup and restore.
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  5. snowwy66

    snowwy66 Well-Known Member

    tha backup to sd thing isn't there anymore.

    after completely losing my texts. i realized th ey are stored in the phone. no way to save to sd card. so now i transfer the file to pc before loading a rom.

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