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Lotus Notes Traveler and Calendar

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  1. umsum

    umsum New Member


    I have an HTC Desire HD with Android version 2.2.1.

    My question / problem is:

    I have Lotus Notes Traveler Beta on my HTC Desire HD and it works as it should.

    I try to find an application that can display the calendar entries which are in the calendar from Lotus Notes Traveler in another calendar, such as the HTC Android calendar or calendar lying on my HTC Desire HD.

    The problem there is with Lotus Notes Traveler calendar is that you must open it to see what lies to contracts, etc. You can not see them on the "desktop"on its Android or I can not make it do so.

    Hope that there are some who can help me.

    Regards Rasmus.

  2. hedger48

    hedger48 New Member

    same problem here, really wish Notes was more integrated on android. any way to view lotus traveler events like google calendar? can you snooze events on traveler calendar for android?
  3. SuperTom

    SuperTom Member

    Same question here.
    The only solution I have been able to find is sync between notes and google, and that is at best a poor solution. Calendar entries that are scheduled with the phone wont show up until you get to the computer to sync it.
    So if anybody knows a solution I would appreciate it. :cool:
  4. catandmouse

    catandmouse New Member

    Frankly the Lotus Traveler Calendar application is pretty awful. You can't zoom at all, so you can never see a whole day on the screen, there is no "month" view. Real shame it doesn't integrate with the Android Calendar app, which is much better. On Nokias/Symbian, the Lotus Traveler Calendar integrated directly into the Nokia calendar, which is a much better solution.
  5. Baluliloe

    Baluliloe New Member

    Same problem here. I hope there will be soon an update.
  6. itsart

    itsart Member

    Depending on what kind of Note Environment/network you are connected to for Notes traveler, Mythinking is that if it is a secure network requiring VPN type connection, Notes traveler usually connects to a internet facing server that syncs with your business intranet environment. It may be something in security syncing the notes traveler calendar with the Android Google calendar may expose potentially business confidential information.
  7. nealeburgess

    nealeburgess New Member

    I use IBM Traveler on my Android to access Lotus Notes. My problem is also that as Traveler installs its own Calendar on my Android and doesn't appear to be able to by synced to the Android Calendar; I cannot use any third party Apps like Pocket Informant HD as those Apps sync to the Android App.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Neale
  8. jimbeamho

    jimbeamho New Member

    This Lotus Notes Traveler Calendar on Android is really awful. If IBM wants to develop it's own staff, it should at least be more userfriendly and "state of the art". Or does anybody know if in the meantime they posted a new version?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I'm forced by my company to use this "thing" daily.

    Regards Jim

    BMGRAHAM Member

    Actually I think it's a combination of the awful Android calendar and some issues in the Lotus Calendar that is the problem. I actually think that with the exception of the alarms, the Lotus Calendar is far better.
  10. sjg2769

    sjg2769 New Member

    I have a Samsung Stratosphere with Notes Traveler Is there any way to set default calendar entries like you can in Notes for PC? I want a reminder by default, with alarm set to Yes and zero minutes. I'd also love to snooze alarms, but that seems to not be possible either. Maybe in 8.5.3?
  11. Ayupat

    Ayupat New Member

    Same problem for me.
    How to present the LN traveller no your android phone???
    shortcut may be to sync the LN agenda on your desktop with gmail agenda.

    I'm still searching for the nice way; i.e. app on the android phone..

    Somebody any other suggestions?/

  12. PaveKestik

    PaveKestik New Member

    I use AweSync software and it work.
    Unfortunately it's not freeware.
  13. Gatman

    Gatman Well-Known Member

    +1 for Awesync. I had used CompanionLink for several years before I found Awesync, but I found Awesync much easier to set up and WAY easier to keep working all the time. CompanionLink is more expensive and is VERY particular about having the correct versions of .NET framework for it to work. I also had issues with it getting through my work firewall. Awesync worked the first time I set it up and never gave me any trouble. Do be careful though, as it is easy to duplicate all your calendar entries with either software, and let me tell you what a pain it is to fix that. :)

  14. Nick johnson

    Nick johnson New Member


    I think. this demonstration will help you a lot.....

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