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Louder Pleeeas????General

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  1. jimmyb123

    jimmyb123 New Member

    Hi, I've just purchased my new Desire HD which is my 1st Android phone. The ringtones and mesaage alerts are really quiet, is there a way round this?!?!?!:confused::confused::confused:

  2. alextheslave

    alextheslave Member

    So Glad you mentioned that....I cannot hear the bloody thing! Volume is so low. Its so irritating, this is meantt to be a top notch phone. I rang HTC and you should too, make sure they KNOW there IS a problem!
  3. jimmyb123

    jimmyb123 New Member

    Hi, I got a reply about the problem from someone. They told me to go Into settings/sound/volume and turn all the volumes down to zero then turn them back up again and it seems to have worked, Mine's much louder now. Hope it helps . . . .

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