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Support Loudspeaker not working

  1. luismgl

    luismgl New Member

    Samsung spica on Android 2.1 update 1
    Yesterday the system was saying my SD card was blank, this happened out of nothing. After pugling the card to another spica I saw a .exe file, deleted, pluged it back to my phone and the card was fine. Later on making a call trying to use the loudspeaker, it just didnt work, and now no sound at all comes from the loudspeaker. Ive tried formating the sd card and factory reseted the phone. This happened out of nothing, the phone did not fall nor anything of the kind, it was just in my desk, so Im kind of rulling out it being a hardware issue.

    after some research I came across people saying it could be an issue with the system channels, whatever that means.

    any help is welcome

  2. luismgl

    luismgl New Member

    help, anyone?

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