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  1. newmanmb

    newmanmb Member

    LOVE this phone. Just wish it had a LED flash.

  2. telemike

    telemike Well-Known Member

    Any more comments? I wonder why Moto only has three buttons instead of the normal 4?
  3. TPR300C

    TPR300C Well-Known Member

    I bought this phone for my younger brother and I'm impressed. I have a Droid Incredible and this phone run just as smooth. I'm really looking forward to devs tinkering with the phone. I think it has a lot of potential.
  4. 58mark

    58mark Member

    I've only had it less than 24 hours, but I love everything about the far.

    I'm stunned I could get this phpne for a penny from amazon... it's amazing!
  5. emoorman

    emoorman New Member

    I've had my Moto Bravo for a couple of weeks or so. I rate it as excellent and the best phone I've ever owned.

    I'm a 73-year old engineer, so I research my gadgets before buying. I had a Moto Q9h, which has a keypad on the bottom. I felt it was too big. The wife had an iPhone 3G and now an iPhone 4, so I am familiar with the Apple phones. Frankly, I'm a PC and I liked the features of Android. I tried the Sammy Captivate and it was too big & bulky. I nearly bought an HTC Aria, except the low consumer ratings kept coming in. When the Bravo came out, I looked at it and played with the menus and felt it was the one for me.

    I am still very pleased. First, the phone works really well. That's what this gadget is, right? Some manufacturers seem to make a pocket computer and put in a phone chip. Some of them don't work well-low volume, dropped calls, low bars. My ears are about shot after years of flying jets for the Air Force and I can hear on the Bravo.

    I can check the weather easily, which is really nice. I can check e-mail which is good. I haven't tried the music player. My wife does use iTunes, but I rarely listen to music. I'm a reader and Kindle for Android has been great. One click and I have a new book. I don't play games or watch videos. Who knows, I might some time.

    Bottom line: Great little phone.

  6. 58mark

    58mark Member

    i love mine so much I added a line to my family plan so I could get another one for one penny. My wife was SO jealous of my phone she wanted one too, and who can blame her?
  7. callihan_44

    callihan_44 Well-Known Member

    this phone is a keeper, ive tried captivate-aria-flipside and I like this phone over the others because everything works great. The captivate beats it on paper but the bravo doesnt have the problems that plague the captivate. Overall very happy with this phone :)
  8. sleepingsheep

    sleepingsheep Member

    Been awaiting a decent android from att. This was the best option for me. Captivate, too many bugs. I need GPS.

    I call it the Droids little brother.

    Rooted and running launcher pro. Waiting from more support until I decide to flash a new ui.

    The onboard memory is a generous plus.

    Can't complain once I got the phone for free thru promo.

    I wasnt much of a Motorola fan, but I'm sold after this device.

    Flawless. No bugs, no worries. Works as it should.
  9. cassie.andoh

    cassie.andoh New Member

    i'm getting mine on wednesday and i can't wait. after reading all of the reviews from you guys on this phone, i'm super pumped to get it.
  10. beledi

    beledi Well-Known Member

    Had my phone for a week and am truly happy with it.
  11. acap82

    acap82 Member

    I've had mine for a week and love it. I'm new to smartphones and the Bravo is a great first. Had an issue with the music player closing, but its because I had the files folder in the auto-end category on the task manager. Other than that, its great. :D
  12. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    I also have a DI, and an Evo, which both run very smoothly and this little Bravo keeps up very well with both of them even though it's processor is not quite as powerful, and it it running Eclair, while both of the others now run Froyo. I am quite impressed as well, and I have NOT been a Motorola fan in the past.:p
  13. gettysburg11s

    gettysburg11s New Member

    My Bravo comes on Monday. I am one of those rare people who has an iPhone 4, but wants something more configurable. The iPhone 4 is great, but Apple doesn't let you do anything with widgets, live wallpaper, and other customizations. Anyways, I am excited to dive in to Android.
  14. beledi

    beledi Well-Known Member

    I have had my Bravo for about a month. It has earned its name. My husband is so envious. May have to put another phone on our family plan. I never thought I would be into anything but a basic phone, but this is a wonderful phone and I am happy with everything about it except the camera which is not a deal breaker. I got the Otterbox Defender for the case and it is really nice on this phone.
  15. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    I was just the opposite of beledi. I was used to only high end smartphones, and a little afraid the Bravo would not live up to what I am used to, but in truth, it works as well as my Incredible and my Evo, and better than my Vibrant, in every area except the camera.
  16. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues - Crazy peacock person -

    I'm absolutely in love with my Bravo. :D I've had it for less than three weeks but that's plenty long enough to know I love it.

    I had held off on getting a smart phone, mostly because I thought I didn't need one. I no longer work (disabled due to illness), and since I'm home 99% of the time--and surrounded by my plethora of computers (I'm a longtime UNIX/Linux geek and I LOVE computers!)--I just didn't see the point.

    And then my Internet connection went down...for over two weeks, thanks to heavy, prolonged rains here in SoCal, which damaged AT&T's cabling and overwhelmed their repair crews; even though my ISP is Earthlink, they're using AT&T's phone lines. I was absolutely LOST without Internet access as I do EVERYTHING online.

    Oh, I theoretically COULD have used my cell phone for Internet access, but its screen was so small--and my vision problems (post-brain surgery issues) so bad--I could barely see the screen, let alone use its browser!

    I ended up going to restaurants and libraries to use their wireless with my laptop, but that's just not the same as being able to do whatever you want WHENEVER you want. So I got to thinking I really needed a contingency plan...and then I thought about checking AT&T (my wireless provider) to see what kind of upgrade offers were available to me.

    After a LOT of reading, researching, and looking at actual reviews/comments/ratings from people who own Bravos, that's what I decided on. I was impressed that it was the ONLY smart phone with a 5-star rating on AT&T's site.

    Now, in the unlikely event of another prolonged DSL outage, I have a viable, usable way to connect to the Internet without finding a place with wi-fi. I haven't done this yet, but really should before I need to--figure out how to tether the phone and a computer. One of these days...
  17. beledi

    beledi Well-Known Member

    I am so happy with the Bravo, that I will certainly not be changing phones for awhile. My only issue is the camera, but I am living with that.
  18. ithomasscully

    ithomasscully Member

    I just bought mine and I love it! I had the LG Thrive because I broke my iPhone 4, then I saw this and fell in love. It lags a little on the keyboard and in some instances, but for the most part its amazing! Can anyone post pictures of their home screens and links to accessories such as cases, extended batteries, screen protectors, docks, ect? Thanks!

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