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Love my galaxy tab but.....

  1. I've had my tab for a few months on sprint, absolutely love it, its perfect size to carry around and I dont think it gets the credit it deserves. Only thing that worries me about all these android power tablets coming out are the lack of apps for them, no netflix, no hulu, no major updates, I hate the ipad but it offers pretty much everything, it seems like every commercial or cool app is for apple, and with xoom out which looks amazing and blows apples boring icons opeating system away but will it offer stuff like netflix and hulu, no? Whats the point of competing with ipad if it cant match all there great apps? As for my galaxy tab anybody have an news on anything new coming its way such as apps or updates?

  2. vargas

    vargas Member

    Netflix, I know is working on their Android app. Hulu, probably.

    Give it a little bit of time.

    Android phones are selling a lot faster than IoS or blackberry so we will have everything.

    Netflix woudl be great but when I realized that I already have it via PC and PS3, I stopped caring about when I would get the app for android.
  3. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    When android was released, the iphone was sitting on top of the world. But android eventually surpassed the iphone after some time. It'll do the same with the tablet market. In my opinion, anything larger than a 8" screen you might as well just get a laptop.
  4. Sonic77

    Sonic77 Active Member

    With Apple now selling refurb iPads at $349,
    do you think some of the competitors
    are having second thoughts about ever entering the market?
  5. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    Not really. There are those that like the ipad and there are those that hate the apple OS.

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