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  1. Vic

    Vic New Member

    Samsung Illusion i110

    I love this lil phone...its small, light on features....but it just works.....(yes that comment is directed towards the apple fanbois)....

    My past experience is using a Droid Eris and Moto Original Droid...and this lil phone with the 1ghz processor and nice screen/form factor...well not had any issues in the week i have had it with moderate usage....

    downsides: no flash/frontfacing cam, its only 3G, and there are a lot more phones out there to steal attention from it...

    but if you don't need 3G ( i am surrounded by wifi almost 24/7) and don't need it for videos and a lot of streaming (i use ROKU and laptop for all that)....its a great phone...anyone else have thoughts on it....please drop a line or two to let others know...

  2. ckelleyt

    ckelleyt New Member

    This is such an overlooked phone! Very good. First android phone I've owned (although I've followed android since the G1)

    Only problem I've had was twice in the 3 months I've had the phone the lock button didn't work and I had to pull the battery. The second time it happened I was at home and plugged in the charger to turn the screen on without the power button and when I did the power button was taking screen shots???? Weird.
  3. jontay

    jontay Member

    The Proclaim (same as Illusion but cannot find a forum for that one on here) is GREAT phone. It is my first smart phone and I am very happy with it. Using it on Walmart's StraightTalk plan which uses the Verizon towers. Works SO much better than the T-mobile I had before.

    Only complaints would be that it seems like a short battery life (I bought 2 extra batteries off of ebay - $12/both) but other than that I am very happy with it.

    The 3g is plenty fast with no real snags. Even though it only has a rear facing camera, it takes better pictures than my cheap digital camera. It does not have a flash which kinda sucks as I would like to have been able to use the flashlite app.

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