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Low Battery Warning Caught In LoopSupport

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  1. rdouthit

    rdouthit New Member

    I have a Google Store US version GSM Galaxy Nexus.

    When my battery gets down to the warning indicator threshold (14-15%) the audible tone chimes and the visual warning message comes on. It then continues to run the audible alarm ad naseum in an endless loop every three or four seconds. I can press the "ok" button (if I am quick enough) but that just clears the visual warning block only to have it return shortly along with the audible tone.

    The process drains and really heats up my battery. Plug in phone and warning stops. Let battery drain to warning threshold and it all starts again.

    Did the factory re-set, pulled battery and sim . . . no joy.:confused:

    Called Google and support was laughable. :(

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    You should be charging the battery at about the 50% point - it's not designed to be drawn down to 15%. There's no guaranty when you run out of spec.
  3. rdouthit

    rdouthit New Member

    I haven't had an issue for two years of ownership. I do not believe that running a battery down to below 50% is out of spec.

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