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  1. matt832

    matt832 Well-Known Member

    I've been with Virgin for several years, no real issues, $25/mo plan. My phone is getting old, Moto Triumph flashed with Paranoidandroid ROM, I'm looking to upgrade. Budget for new/use phone ~$150. If I upgrade on VM my cost goes to $35/mo.

    Had pretty much decided on a used S3 and ting, I'm a low minutes user moderate data user so my monthly cost would be about the same, $25. Then began seriously looking at the LG optimus G, at the moment that is my phone of choice, but found Sprint around here is only 3G.

    So considered using a used S3 that would work on the T-mobile $30/mo plan. Doing some reading it looks like roaming might be an issue. I pretty much stay in my area but do travel from time to time. With Virgin it has not been an issue, I live in Mid-MI and travel to Chicago with zero coverage issues. Same with Florida

    Not sure what to do. The three phones I'm interested in are the LG optimus G, S3, and the HTC 4G LTE. Of these only the S3 can be had in a version that would work with T-M. Low monthly cost is primary issue, $35 is my limit. Thoughts? Suggestions?

  2. willis68nova

    willis68nova Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ting runs off the Sprint network, so coverage wise I would think it should be a parallel switch for you coming from VM. Ting allows Bring Your Own Sprint Device and I have personally brought over a Sprint S3 LTE that I picked up cheap used. I would think if you are willing to get a newer used device you could pick something up decent and save. Check out Ting's device page: https://ting.com/devices/buy They have a used device section too. Also check out Glyde: Simply buy and sell your games, iPads, iPhones and more, seems like a great selection of used devices. Also Ting forum has a Buy/Sell section: https://help.ting.com/forums/21098408-Buy-Sell

    If you are planning on switching to Ting get a $25 credit with my referral link: https://za2ahjj411.ting.com/

    If you need a static bill there are two ways to accomplish this: One way would be to setup alerts to only allow you to use a set amount of minutes, texts, and megabytes. The other is to disable certain features on your phone, you can go in and set your phone to only be able to receive texts and not send, things like that. It is very versatile when it comes you being in control. Check out this forum post for ways to save on your Ting bill. http://androidforums.com/ting/626319-moving-ting-any-tips-tricks-suggestions.html
    Hope this helps!
  3. matt832

    matt832 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestions -- I will put them to good use...

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