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What needs to happen next?

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  1. Reset the Phone

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  2. I Think you Have MALWARE and are Outa Luck...

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  3. I dunno..

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  4. You should see if you can switch to a new phone.

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  1. BloodyBettie

    BloodyBettie New Member

    I had an HTC Incredible which was pretty good, until I stopped receiving text messages one day and it kept giving me messages saying that the phone was low on storage space (even though it really wasn't). I went to the Verizon store and decided to try getting a new phone as I was due to receive an upgrade. I got a new LG lucid instead. Now the LG lucid is giving me the same errors! I have no movies, no pics,and only 215 pictures. I took it to the Verizon store again and they were as puzzled as I was. They suggested a Factory Reset on the New LG Lucid but I am not sure if that is the real issue.

    Could this be Malware? I have lookout and Verizon Mobile Security and both said that the phone is free and clear...


  2. jhcii

    jhcii Well-Known Member

    Well It will depend on what all you have installed. Are you using the stock messenger app or after market? And do you get or do you have a lot of messages on your phone? Delete all but the most important ones as that can cause you to run out of room (some phones reserve a certain amount of space for messages and when full you get errors). I have a Lucid and have never gotten this message but then I keep the messages I receive to a minimum and delete those I don't need. Also if you don't have one get a SD Card as the pictures you take will save to that instead of internal memory. Hope it helps
  3. BloodyBettie

    BloodyBettie New Member

    So update - Thanks for the help BTW - I do appreaciate it.

    The issue continues on my phone. I have deleted the number of messages and I still get the same issue. I have moved the largest applications to my SD card, but to no avail..

    My greatest concern is that maybe the side effect of some sort of malware? I used to to have the same error message pop up on my old HTC incredible. This helped to prompt me to get a new phone. Now the same low disk errors that were on that old phone continue on this phone. As I mentioned the local Verizon store is stumped and they suggest doing a hard reset and going from there...

    I scan with both lookout and Verizon Mobile Security but no malware is detected. I can get the message to go away if I delete all temp. files and messages, remove the battery for a bit, and then put it back. However the error message will happen again in a few days...

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