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Low in-call volume fixedTips

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  1. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Well I have been suffering with low in-call volume for a while now. This problem seemed to exist for me since the last ICS update. I was hoping JB may have fixed it but it didn't.

    I tried volume + and many of the other potential fixes. Nothing seemed to help. I was thinking of getting rode of the One X. Then I recalled reading a post on here or over on XDA, can't remember, about cleaning the tiny speaker grill holes with a soft tooth brush. At the time thought, nah! My phone is really clean, if those holes where clogged I would be able to see it. So I dismissed that idea out right.

    So here I was weeks later and the volume is no better. If I'm in a quiet room its manageable but any ambient noise at all and hearing the caller was a real struggle.

    Last night I was browsing the forums to see if there had been any fixes for the low volume lately. Nothing, so I thought I had nothing to lose and got a soft toothbrush and gently scrubbed over the speaker holes. I wasn't expecting any difference because they looked perfectly clean to me.

    WoW! What a difference. I can't believe how much difference that has really made. I have now uninstalled the volume + and have had to turn down the volume.

    So to the guy who first suggested this fix, I apologise for dismissing the idea all those weeks ago and thanks to you I'm no longer thinking of getting rid of my trusty One X.

  2. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    Thanks for letting us know, Dave! I am gonna do this to mine just to see if it'll clean it up a little, even though my volume isn't bad. It'll be a good thing to know to recommend to people.

    EDIT: I just did this out of curiosity. I used the toothbrush for close to 5 minutes before everything came out, both on the headset part and the speaker holes in the back. My notification light is about 3 times brighter now. I'm pretty sure it'll actually be visible in sunlight. It's great. Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Nemesco

    Nemesco New Member

    This fixed my volume issue too, great!
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  4. thereissiva

    thereissiva New Member

    Really Amazing!!!! Thanks a loads for this post. I was having the hearing volume issue, and was thinking to get rid off this phone. But i just bumped in to your post and the tooth brush trick worked!!!!
    You saved me a lot of money!!

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  5. delboy89

    delboy89 New Member

    Just tryed this tip there just now , all I need to say is WOW , I can actually hear my phone calls now . Very useful just saved me a load of ££ there as I was about to go and get it done till I done it
  6. imrandoa

    imrandoa New Member

    :D The toothbrush Worked fine on Htc rather then my teeth
  7. SouthofOttawa

    SouthofOttawa Well-Known Member

    This worked wonders for me as well!! Volume went way up for calls and music and the green notification light is really bright now. I can't believe how much doing this changed my experience on the phone!
  8. maroofh

    maroofh New Member

    Thank you so much for this help, I've been having this problem for months and couldn't find any solutions on-line until i came across this. The tooth brush didn't appear to be doing much for me, so I flicked out the dirt of the speaker grill using a sharp needle.

    I've taken before and after pictures for comparison, it made me realise just how blocked they were before. Even though it's not 100% clear, it's still a vast improvement in sound compared to before.
    Link to photos: imgur.com/a/vM1M5#0
  9. 4fingus

    4fingus New Member

    I too was having a real issue with low volume on my HTC One X. This was both front a back speakers and was getting to the point I couldn't use it. :mad:

    Tried the toothbrush but it didn't help so I took to it with the back of a pin badge and the difference is shamazing! I wiggled the sharp end in each and every little hole. At first I was worried it might damage it but it didn't. It's like a new phone and at last I can hear the directions from the sat nav man and no more asking my firends to repeat them selves if there's a slight wind! :)
  10. thevix85

    thevix85 New Member

    Very helpfull advice... after cleaning the holes volume increase more then 50%. Thank u
  11. lpchester7

    lpchester7 New Member

    MI just cant believe that a spare brush that was lying in a corner of my bathroom made this happen. Even I saw that post on XDA but thought of it as a waste. How wrong was I. Lately the low sound was just unbearable. And once again i googled abt the problem. And found this post. M so excited now that both my call volume & speaker volume has increased. Like a FRESH now.. Thanxxx a lot for posting this DAVE.. LONG LIVE DAVE.. ;)
  12. HardCoil

    HardCoil Member

    This is ridiculous. I spent a lot of time rebooting, installing volume managers and fiddling with options, and all I needed was a toothbrush!?!
    Thank you so much for this post!
  13. krrrajah

    krrrajah New Member

    Hi Dave darling.. hehe.. your awesome tips saved me a lot of time and money.. thank you very much.. my hox+ sounds like new..
  14. yang

    yang New Member

    Thank you David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Worked wonders!!!!!
  15. Huzafa Suhail

    Huzafa Suhail New Member

    Thank you for posting this.......
    I was having this problem and i was worried alot... Tried with needle and it works....
  16. nickt1101

    nickt1101 Member

    I don't believe it, like the original post I also dismissed the holes being blocked as they looked fine, after reading this and soo many people with the same phone saying it worked, I decided to give it a go. Once I started brushing the holes with a toothbrush, the dirt turned grey and i was able to see it. It was blocked all the way across, before this I had to use a bluetooth headset (which I hate wearing) or make calls in the car to use the car's built in hands free. I'm over the moon, I've had this One X for 2 years and really didn't want to get rid of it, its never failed me (well apart from this) it does everything I could want it to do, I mean ffs HDMI to your tv on your phone, why would you need another device. Admittedly as i've had it 2 years, I did need to use a needle to open some of the holes as a brush just didn't work, but it allowed me to see the dirt.
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  17. kazooguy

    kazooguy New Member

    Wow. I was lamenting having to give up my HTC OneX+ because the in-call volume was unintelligible at times. I used toothbrushes, a needle and a Strong vac with a crevice tool, now I'm rocking down the volume control!
    THANK You Dave and all posters too for guides and encouragement.
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  18. drghstrauss

    drghstrauss New Member

    I knew I wasn't going deaf so.... Checked speaker pores with a microscope = every opening was totally clogged. Initially, tried vacuum = no go. Then, tried toothbrush = no effect. Next, considered using a needle (and realized the dirt would be pushed in and, eventually, clog hopelessly), but had an idea that I tested and it worked perfectly (a medical research scientist of nearly 40 years, I should be able to come up with plausible constructs): place over the entire speaker pore surface and rub down well (as if burnishing) a piece of transparent sticky tape (often called "Scotch tape", the generic name in America). First, tried simply quickly pulling off the tape = no result. Next, placed the tape as described and then used a fine needle to perforate the tape through each pore (just one hole punch), in turn, and, then, quickly pulled the tape off. This produced an excellent result very rapidly, likely with no dirt left behind (it is removed on the tape, as verified macro- and microscopically). I believe this to be a safe, easy, and quick method.

    As a good medical scientist, I believe that prevention trumps cure every time, but I'm afraid we'll have to wait for the designers and engineers to come up with a screen against the problem of contaminant incursion into our 'phones.

    Cheers, Gary.
  19. Don Van Gilder

    Don Van Gilder New Member

    I never in a thousand years would have assumed clogged earpiece holes causing the lack of volume.

    Toothbrush wasn't really doing anything for me, and holes are really damn small, you'd have to have a REALLY sharp, thin needle.

    I was replacing the battery in my HTC One S anyway (really easy, several YouTube videos and replacement battery had 50% more amps than original, HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you're even remotely handy), and as a part of that had to separate the silver case from the screen/guts of the phone. (trust me, it is so much easier than it sounds. tools and replacement battery cost me $11 including shipping) When you do that, you are able to look at both sides of those speaker holes that rest against your ear. If you hold it up to the light, you can actually see which ones are clogged, and brush from both sides. When you see sunlight through every hole, you're done.

    Worked so well I had to turn down the volume WAY down.
  20. roadkill42

    roadkill42 Well-Known Member

    That won't work in my case I have a custom ROM so my problem is in the op I don't know were to go in the op to fix any body have a suggestion?

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