Low Internal Memory in my New ZTE Blade(Android 2.2 (FroYo))Support

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  1. tattavit

    tattavit New Member


    Guys i brought Idea 3G Smartphone Blade( ZTE Blade) with 2.2 installed.
    600Mhz Qualcomm SoC along with Adreno 200 GPU, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM.

    I just installed 5-6 Apps and i am getting Low Internal Memory Issue.

    More Info:
    Code (Text):
    2. http://www.ideacellular.com/wps/portal/!ut/p/c5/dY3RCoIwGEafxSf4v0037VIkdBSL2LTcjYwwEU27iKC3b9FNN33n8uNwyFFg8c9x8I9xXfxMZ3Ky4xBWNFkqlbYSStaZAjYc4HT6GLLDn-X4_kWZV0m6Bw68CZoW5ojaxFAx6Wq99dSSS386ZstCh-0srGRAQu3cD_7yovs0XYshit63esLy/dl3/d3/L0lJSklna21BL0lKakFBTXlBQkVSQ0pBISEvNEZHZ3NvMFZ2emE5SUFnIS83XzIwNVQ1Vjg3NklTRTEwSTYxS1QwVDYxMDA0L1o2OUFXMTYwMzAwMDM!/?WCM_PORTLET=PC_7_205T5V876ISE10I61KT0T61004000000_WCM&WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/global_static_lib/devices/blade_sa
    What should i do..I tried to root last time but my Screen Lock Screen Freezes and i had to run to service center. Now That Problem gone, but still Memory is Low.

    I heard that If my Blade is Chinese Made, it is hard to do that and i checked my Phone it is made by China.

    Help me Guys..I am Nob in terms of Android tricks...

  2. tattavit

    tattavit New Member

    help me out guys
  3. anfield786

    anfield786 Member


    Im no expert but can you not install an SD card and attempt to move the apps across? not 100% certain if the phone need to be rooted first but I'm sure one of the experts on this site should be able to confirm.

    I've rooted my phone and have moved the majority of apps to my SD Card using Links2SD app.

    Sorry I cant be of any further help as not an expert myself but have had the help of others on this site and did a bit of research on the forum.

    Good Luck
  4. anfield786

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