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Low internal memory problem

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  1. 09009494

    09009494 New Member

    I have a rooted samsung galaxy fit running on 2.3.6 gingerbread from time to time i get the low disk space and incoming messages are blocked and i've done every possible solutions (cleaning cache by "app cache cleaner", uninstalling unwanted system apps by "titanium backup" like "samsung apps", "side ME", "news and weather", "social hub" and "quick office") and the last thing i've done is force moving all apps to my SD card but the problem is that the apps are moved but its data or files whatever still on the internal memory :mad: i've noticed this when i uninstalled "talking tom" app which i had forced moving it to the SD card before i found that the free internal memory increased from 13MB to 20MB

    SO PLZ HELP!!!!!!!! :confused::confused:

  2. 09009494

    09009494 New Member

    why nobody answer in this shitty forum

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