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Low internal memory with apps2sd?

  1. basscommander

    basscommander Well-Known Member

    I apologize if this is a question that has been asked before. But, I wasn't able to find a thread that really answered my question.

    I run Aloysius 2.1 as my ROM, and I run Darktremor 2.7 apps2sd. I have a 16gb sd card, and it is partitioned. The apps that I download are being saved to the sd card. But, yesterday, I had to data/factory reset, wipe dalvik-cache, and wipe SD:ext partition. With the help of Kelmar I was able to get things working again. :) After I got it working, and did a nandroid restore, I still had to go re-download all the apps that I had. Prior to doing this my internal storage showed around 40-41mb. It now shows only 23mb after re-downloading all the apps I had. I know that the apps are being saved to my sd card, but, I would like to figure out why my internal memory is still decreasing, and why it is so low in the first place since I am running apps2sd???

    Thank you in advance for the help/info!

  2. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    after installing the apps make sure you reboot...and also clear the cache.. I use cachemate (free version in market) you'll be surprised how much space you get from just clearing cache
  3. basscommander

    basscommander Well-Known Member

    I rebooted my phone this morning, and it still says the same amount of free MB. I also use cachemate, which gives me a few more MB, but I'm still at the same MB pretty much. Not sure why it says I'm so low if my apps are supposed to be on my sd card??? When I do install an app, it only knocks my MB down a tiny bit, like .25, or some other very small number, but it's still going down nonetheless. Plus I would think that I'd have close to like 80mb free since they're on the sd card?

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