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Low (internal) storage (Moving ALL apps to SD card)

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  1. circleoflife

    circleoflife Well-Known Member

    This phone has a ridiculous internal memory storage. I did all the basis in getting more space back - clearing the cache, deleting apps I really dont use much etc, moving apps to the sd card - still I only have 16MB free.

    I rooted my phone (not planning to do any custom rom...keeping the virgin mobile one) and downloaded link2sd. I have a 16GB card, but how do you partition the card so I CAN move almost all the apps? I did some googling on the subject, but it seems kinda hard to do. Rooting the phone was very easy and a breezy to do.

    Like google maps is eating up 11MB
    facebook 8MB
    swiftkey 8MB
    I want to move those to the sd card.

  2. bigbubba

    bigbubba Well-Known Member

    there are some apps that can not be moved, it is the way the code for them is written. They will not work unless they are in the phones memory
  3. circleoflife

    circleoflife Well-Known Member

    I finally was able to partition the SD card and move most of the big apps using link2sd to the SD card. What's the point in keeping apps on the phone (180MB storage) when I have a 16Gb sd card??? I was tried of seeing the low memory storage keep coming up and I couldn't download some big apps.
  4. eddie298

    eddie298 New Member

    I don't have this phone yet (comes in tomorrow), so i don't know ho much free space is in the roms memory, but on my old intercept there was usually like 50-70m mb worth (you can see how much free space you have for rom memory in the front screen of TB) . i would use titanium backup to integrate updates such as google maps into the system rom and any other app that was already on the phone but has updates (since any updates system apps have are stored on the internal memory). and if you still have a lot of space left you can convert user apps such as swiftkey or games you've downloaded into system apps which will use the rom memory. I would usually use up all of the spare rom memory until there was around 5 mb left and i saw no difference in laggy ness or anything. That was the intercept though. im sure it'll be fine on the slider, i'll be doing this when mine comes in tomorrow! can't wait!
  5. gakbdroid

    gakbdroid Member

    I think I may have solved my problem with low space on my internal storage. It seems too good to be true and fairly obvious. I thought my camera picts were saving to my SD card but when I checked it, all of them were on my phone! I just can't believe that I missed this OBVIOUS solution! I haven't moved all of my picts but after just moving 20, my internal storage space increased over 100mb! Check your camcorder settings too! I have over 150 apps and have moved as many as I can to my SD card as possible so I hope this works. :D
  6. fightingirish

    fightingirish Well-Known Member

    I did the Link2SD thing on my Op V. I reformatted my 16GB SD card and created a 1GB ext4 partition just for apps (that's probably more than you'll need). Most of my apps are now linked there, but I realized after a few initial mishaps that it is very wise to keep some key apps on internal. The system apps for one, as well as Titanium Backup, whatever good file/root explorer you use (not the POS one included with the ROMs), anything connected with an in-use widget and of course L2SD. These can come in handy in case of emergency. And you'll still have over 100mb left on internal!

    NOTE: For clean installs, I recommend having backup APKs of your internal apps on the SD card for quick reinstalls. L2SD and Titanium should be the first to be reinstalled.
  7. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    Linking the PlayStore is a bad thing as well.
  8. arnmohan

    arnmohan New Member

    circle of life, pls tell the way you did the partioning of sd card, I want to move my google maps.

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