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  1. soozypoo

    soozypoo Member

    Im getting frustrated with my arc now as i keep getting the low on space warning it had the original 8gb card had a few apps on it then started getting the warning in the notification bar,whenever anything apps or facebook (kept telling me there was a new version) tried to update it would keep failing saying insufficient memory.

    i cleared all the caches and browsing history and call logs texts etc but it still wouldnt allow any updates.this increased it from 4mb free to 11mb

    I have app2sd installed and everything is on the memory card that can possibly go on it,there are a handful of things that are not possible to be moved and remain on the phone memory.I bought a new 16gb card as thought this may be better (that was before i realised it wouldnt make any differene lol as those items cannot be moved ) as some things seemed to be lagging and was giving the 8gb to my son.However it has made no difference whatsoever it still tells me im running out of memory.
    Is it app data that stores on the internal memory?,as when i removed the memory card and put new one in all my apps were still there just greyed out,rather than trying to search the old memory card for them i just downloaded again from the market,the ones i wanted to keep.
    i tried to search the memory card as i was planning on dumping it all into a folder on my pc and transferring it back to the new one and majority of the named folders when you hover on them say empty.
    There are quite a few things on there that i havent seen on my phone such as an app called pudding face that i downloaded once which didnt work so i deleted yet it still has a folder on the memory card containing a screen shot,so am i right to think if you uninstall an app it doesnt actually fully uninstall??

    all the names of my apps are in the android secure folder on my old memory card under an asec file extension,

    do i need all the files that are on my old memory card to go back on my new one?? half of them i dont know what they are for or if they are any that are essential for the general working of the phone itself

    at the moment i have 14.62gb free on the new sd card and 11.63 on internal but still each time i try and download a new app from the market it fails as it says insufficent memory,im guessing the ones im interested in are the ones that dont have the option to be stored to the sd card which is annoying the heck outta me i have 24 apps on internal that cannot be moved to sd card,so if i wish to download other apps to free up memory am i gonna have to delete these 24, just to allow me to do this? .What exactly uses up all the internal memory ? the largest thats on there is flash player at 17.37mb total of all 24 apps ive worked out to around approx 150mb,so what is using the rest of it????

    Any help will be greatly appreciated :D this was my first android and have had it a year so i really shouldnt be so ignorant hehehehe

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Basically you simply do not have enough free phone memory. Forget about the SD Card, it is the internal phone memory that is a problem. You will start getting the warning about insufficient memory when you drop to about 34mb so I am surprised it got this low. As to what is using the memory I could not tell you, it is just a case of going through the installed applications and either uninstalling some or clearing the cache to free up some room.
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  3. soozypoo

    soozypoo Member

    thanks for the reply,after finally being able to do the system update it has now left me with just 2.3mb of internal memory,this has made the phone lag badly i tried to make a call and it froze upon opening the phonebook and then when it did it took 5 mins before it would start dialling the number,ive been through all the phone and all the apps that it wont allow me to delete seem to be what was preinstalled on the handset when new like the facebook app,office app lets golf etc,is it possible to remove these at all?? I just tried to uninstall the faccebook one and just use it via browser but it still remians all it did was delete any updates to it.What i think ill do is back up all my stuff,apps etc and then do a factory reset on the phone and see what that does to my internal memory as i have to figure out why it is so low as even having a bigger sd card i cant even use it for anything lol
  4. soozypoo

    soozypoo Member

    well ive reset my phone back to factory settings and i now have 268mb of internal storage free,tho ive not reinstalled any apps yet,only thing im confused over tho is my sd card as id got some apps on my new one but since resetting the phone and putting the sd card back in again they aint there,i thought if the apps were stored on the memory card they would just reappear again once the sd card was put back in but its not the case,even when checking the application settings> manage applications > sd card it says no apps is there a reason for that? will try my old sd card see what happens with that
  5. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    They will not show up as even though the bulk of the data is stored on the memory card the phone does still have a reference in the phone memory telling it that an application is installed. When you reset or run an update this reference is removed from the phone memory and the handset does not know to look at the SD card for the application in question.
  6. fjm

    fjm New Member

    I'm having a similar problem with my old original Moto Droid. *Something* is chewing up internal storage. I've moved all the apps I can to the SD card, cleared all the caches, removed literally thousands of contact records, done nothing but remove apps. Gone through apps and removed caches, etc. Every time I get it so that it quits showing low memory, it will be ok for a day or two and then start having the same problem. Reboot solves nothing, as it immediately shows low memory alert on reboot. This has been an ongoing problem for a while now.

    It didn't used to behave this way. The only thing I can think of is that something in one of the more recent Froyo updates it got is causing it to log something to internal memory and then not deleting, so it only ever consumes more memory.

    Any ideas on what I can try? Phone is *not* rooted and I'd rather not have to do that.
  7. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    When you go through clearing the cache do you notice any particular application taking up more memory than another?
  8. ch3mn3y

    ch3mn3y Well-Known Member

    Root phone (if u didnt do it) and u will be able to move all aps to sd or delete even system apps
  9. janidon2000

    janidon2000 New Member

    if you only want to ignore those low memory notifications then goto settings>app>running apps and stop settings OR force stop settings .message will not be shown until you again open settings.

    this will help you if you're using any memory script like link2sd,a2sd and all...

    (if something else already solved your problem then this might help to others)

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