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low / no sound during calls from micSupport

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  1. gavz168

    gavz168 New Member

    hi my galaxy europa has a problem, the mic is not working during calls, it works fine if i put the loud speaker mode on, it was fine last week and then this week it stopped working ?i havent updated any thing( maybe auto updates?) i have had a look around on the net and it seems to be common problem with model, a lot of sites suggest that i update the firmware and use something called ODIN, i have tried a hardreset and the problem is still there?
    any help would be great as i really like this phone
    i have the latest firmware according to keis.

  2. Jbrown76

    Jbrown76 New Member

    I have the same problem. If anyone can help, it would be great!
  3. nbdjlcrs

    nbdjlcrs New Member

    Just dropped mine back into the store to fix this problem will update you on the outcome when I get it back

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