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  1. cableghost

    cableghost Active Member

    After every update, I get the Low on Space notification.

    I seem to be always deleting app's, but not gaining space back.

    I have 2.1 and no option to get to 2.2.

    Why might this occur?

    Should I root my phone and utilize apps2sd, how will updates function? Will the update update the app on my SD card, or will it attempt to reinstall on internal space?



  2. atmasters

    atmasters Well-Known Member

    what phone are you using ? I know for my HTC Desire I had to root it in order to get enough memory for my apps. You should not down load updates sent out by your provider. in most cases the rom you use will have updates. Rooting my phone was the best thing I did but make sure you read up about it on here first. It is very simple to do.
  3. cableghost

    cableghost Active Member

    Thank you.

    Phone- I listed in my inquiry above...Garminfone

    Updates- I'm not referring to ROM updates, I am referring to app updates. If I move an app to the SD card, will the Android Market update the app on the SD card, or will it try to install it to the default location...internal memory.

  4. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    It depends on the app. Some apps always default to the SD card even if you move it back to the internal memory, and some apps always default to internal memory. Angry bird is a good example where it always move itself to the SD card after an update.
  5. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Look into what's using your space. It's not just installed apps but cache and data for your apps as well. If you're constantly getting low space notifications then you aren't addressing your space hogs. Don't just blindly remove apps. Figure out what's using up most of your space and start with that item. Address the items that have a bigger impact on space usage first if you want to see some results.
  6. cableghost

    cableghost Active Member

    I take time to purge cache for app's which show they have cache, and to be honest, the cache amounts I see are always very low; my emails are stored on my SD card.

    How else do I discover what is taking the space? It seems only a problem when updating app's. Do androids not delete the update install after the update, or del unnecessary files after updates?
  7. rundfc

    rundfc New Member

    Hi all,
    New to forum, new to Android (7 months).

    Garminfone w/ Eclair 2.1

    I was constantly having a space issue.. frequently after doing an update.. I rooted my phone; got root explorer and titanium backup pro... cleaned application caches up as much as possible and got some relief... and the problem came back.

    I then got link2sd working and started moving all I could to the SD card... again temporary relief from the "low disk space" warning.... now it was personal...

    Then I went exploring; I found a directory at the root: /cache . This directory had old JPG and APK files from 4 months ago! I backed them up and then deleted. I reclaimed nearly 100MB of space back!!! w00t!

    Current working theory is that the /cache directory does not have a good garbage cleanup... Anyone out here have a link or directions for building a cron job for deleting files?

    So now, after every update, I go in and clear that /cache directory; keeping my space use low.

    The phone now is wicked fast, and has plenty of breathing room. It's amazing how much difference freezing bloatware and freeing space makes.
  8. cableghost

    cableghost Active Member

    Sounds great...how did you root your garminfone? Z4Root, etc?
  9. rundfc

    rundfc New Member

    I used z4root, then backed up with titanium pro

    Make sure you read all the instructions/ forum posts on z4root, and start with a clean boot from a battery pull. Also make sure you have the USB debugging checked.

    After installing z4root, and getting root access, I installed and backed up everything I could with titanium pro backup. I did not try a nandroid /NAND backup..
  10. railroadman

    railroadman New Member

    Greetings all. Very New to android and Garmin (NOVICE). Same issue as above. Please explain how I would access the root directory /data, and /cache. What does "root your phone" mean? Like I said, I am NEW to all of this. Any help, links etc would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. railroadman

    railroadman New Member

    Very New to android and Garmin (NOVICE). Same issue as above. Please explain how I would access the root directory /data, and /cache. What does "root your phone" mean? Like I said, I am NEW to all of this. Any help, links etc would be very much appreciated. Have deleted some apps, problem continues. Thanks.
  12. EDawg

    EDawg New Member

    I've had this problem in the past. Basically the phone was bonking updates and some app installs. When I would get done, there would be less and less space on the phone until I had the dreaded "low on space" notification that would not go away. I found some information on somebody's blog and tried it. This has worked for me a few times already, no rooting required.
    1. Select Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market
    a. Select Clear Cache (8 kb)
    2. Go back to Manage Applications > Download Manager
    a. Select Clear Data (8 kb)
    3. Exit and restart your phone. If you go back into My Device > Storage & Battery, the System Memory should be quite a chunk smaller.
  13. markymarksyd

    markymarksyd New Member

    Thank you so much Edawg !
    This method worked perfectly to fix this annoying error.

    As someone else mentioned, SMS will not be delivered whenever the low on space message appears, so it does need to be cleared after you have performed a software update.

  14. Spazmogen

    Spazmogen Member

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