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  1. BravoLima

    BravoLima Member

    So why would HTC put such a silly small amount of internal memory in the phone if after a very short time, and very few apps it tells the user that 'phone storage is geting low'?

    Will there be a fix for this in the next update to give you the option to allow installing of apps to the sd card instead and leave to internal memory alone?

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  2. PARAD0X

    PARAD0X Well-Known Member

    I agree it is a bit silly and yes an update is due soon but nobody knows for sure when.
  3. Pryomancer

    Pryomancer Well-Known Member

    Android 2.2 will allow this. It should be released soon.
  4. DesireMe

    DesireMe Well-Known Member

    Define very few apps. I have about 20 on there no problems at all.
  5. Nodders

    Nodders Well-Known Member

    If you don't want to wait, then go to the root subforum where you will find a guide to root your phone and install apps2sd
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  6. PJN161

    PJN161 Member

    Please forgive my ignorance on this subject... I only got my Desire a few days ago, and Ive already had to start deleting Apps because the memory on the phone is inadequate.
    Is there not a way to force the Apps onto the 4gig SD card instead?
    if not, this does seem to be a bit of a glaring error on the part of HTC ?
  7. FelixofMars

    FelixofMars Well-Known Member

    You can back them up using Astro file manger from the market. No way to run them off SD card unless your on root or you have a time machine and already have Android 2.2. I am intrested to find out what apps you guys have though. I have roughly 22 installed and still have about 50mb+ spare. I think I could probably get another 20+ at least on there.
  8. hippy247

    hippy247 Well-Known Member

    You should also clear caches ( market, internet etc )to clear up space, it sounds rediculous but it really starts to add up quickly and wastes precious memory. I use the internet and market alot and when I dont delete the caches my memory drops down significantly.

    Have you downloaded google earth ? It is brilliant but states it just over 5mb when actualy its over 22mb.

    Most developers will be allowing apps to sd when froyo comes out ( a lot have already started making the changes needed ) until then its a case of managing apps or rooting.

    Personally, I have got 52 apps downloaded from the market and a few ( swype, htc-ime ) from other sources and still have close to 25mb left.
  9. sckc23

    sckc23 Active Member

    As Nodders said, you can easily root your phone in order to partition your sd card for apps to be installed to. have a look at the root forum here or xda developers. Or you could wait for the official android 2.2 update from htc which i hope would come in late summer or early autumn.

    I used to have about 50 apps with 20 Mb left on the internal storage but now i can install as much as i would like to=)
  10. sckc23

    sckc23 Active Member

    Agree. It would be ideal if the desire comes with 1GB ROM but I still managed to install ~50 apps before rooting and thats probably enough for most people.

    Yea cache can take up loads of space esp the internet browsers. deleting fb account free up 10Mb for me but you will no long able to link profile pic to contacts or to use friendstream.
  11. PJN161

    PJN161 Member

    Thanks for the tips guys.
    I did download AppKiller , and Ive downloaded a couple of apps managers to try out. Ive realised that clearing the cache helps, and yes, I did download Google Earth, so thats eating a chunk of memory on its own.
    The facebook app has caused no end of problems , what with it screwing around with my contacts lists and bogus contact numbers that refuse to actually connect when called... so I may end up deleting the FB App altogether.
    Ive only had the phone 4 days, so as yet I have no Idea what Froyo is (wasnt he the little geezer from the Shires in Lord of the Rings ...hehe) and Rooting sounds like something I should know but dont, so I`ll have a look into that.
    Thanks for the hints and tips!
  12. snowmobile

    snowmobile Well-Known Member

    I've just checked and I have over 90 apps downloaded in addition to the pre-installed ones :eek: (not rooted btw)
  13. snowmobile

    snowmobile Well-Known Member

    I regularly check caches but I find that they are usually zero :confused: I suspect that the system automatically deletes caches every time I power off and restart the phone.
  14. uzetaab

    uzetaab Well-Known Member

    All versions of android are named after deserts (& they have been going alphabetically, Ie the 3rd version was cupcake, I forget what D is atm). Version 2.2 is the one that is kinda in the process of being released & it has been given the codename of Froyo which is short for frozen yoghurt.

    Rooting is what they call "jailbreaking" on android. Or in other words, hacking your phone & putting something other than the original operating system on the phone.

    Until Froyo is released, rooting is the only way to make your phone capable of running apps from the sd card.
  15. sckc23

    sckc23 Active Member

  16. Willie Heckerslyke

    Willie Heckerslyke Well-Known Member

  17. rasobey

    rasobey Well-Known Member

    Donut, init.
  18. PJN161

    PJN161 Member

    I`m not afraid of digging in to things I know about and mucking about with software and hardware, but as I have zero knowledge of Smartphones and their like, I think I`ll just wait until 2.2 comes out. ;)
    I dont fancy screwing up my new toy less than a week into getting it :D
  19. boomclart

    boomclart New Member

    My SD card states 3.6Gb used and 61Mb free
    My IntMem states 13Mb free

    I have went through the SD card using Explorer and can't find anywhere near 3.6Gb of data.

    76 apps installed as well...
  20. 1981

    1981 Well-Known Member

    thanks. i tried clearing the cache. freed up some space from 'market'. but the 3mb cache in internet dint show up in the free space after clearing it. wats wrong.
    wat all apps do i need to keep clearing the cache from time to time. thanks
  21. Luffer

    Luffer Well-Known Member

    I have 25 apps currently installed, I consider that to be a tiny faction compared to the 100+ apps I had on my 16Gb iPhone, which included TomTom!

    I've got the "Low on space" message constantly in my status bar and it is bloody annoying. What's more annoying is it won't even update the apps already installed!

    How do I clear my cache?
  22. snowmobile

    snowmobile Well-Known Member

    Menu / settings / applications / manage applications / menu / sort by size

    That should tell you what is taking up the most space and clicking on the largest will show you if there is any cache which can be cleared.

    I have 100+ apps and still 16MB free.
  23. Luffer

    Luffer Well-Known Member

    Hmm, that didn't help. The only thing with a cache was "Internet" and that was only 3Mb. After clearing that I still have the "Low disk space" message.

    Just seems there is no escaping the huge cock up Google made with Android when they took this decision :-( Guess the only saving grace is Froyo will solve it in the not too distant future... hopefully...
  24. snowmobile

    snowmobile Well-Known Member

    So what are the largest items on there? Do they have huge amounts of data in them.

    I've just checked and I have 125 apps in addition to the pre-installed ones and I don't have the low space message.

    You really shouldn't have a problem if you only have 25 apps so it's worth investigating.
  25. Luffer

    Luffer Well-Known Member

    Google Mail is largest with 39MB followed by K-9 Mail with 19MB, after that it's Maps at 7.8MB.

    Maybe I can reduce my mail storage somehow, but I like having my messages available.... Hmmm!

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