Low on space internal memory droid eris

  1. chungc

    chungc New Member

    I know this topic has been discussed several times and I have done much of what is said. My droid eris is telling me I have low internal phone memory 12.11mb at the moment but I did just clear out my cache on my internet as well as other applications through the manage applications. I have very few texts on my phone, I am not sync'd with facebook or twitter, I delete my emails on a regular basis and at times I have gotten down to 3mb. Don't know what else to try. Any suggest. Oh and I have like two yes only 2 apps on my phone due to storage issues.

  2. Are you saving camera pictures and videos to the sd card? If not, you should be.
  3. Robrote

    Robrote Member

    Go to settings/applications/manage applications. It loads very slowly. Once it loads,hit menu and sort by size. Scroll to the top and they are your largest applications. Remove any big ones that you do not use.

    Hope that helps

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