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"Low on space" phone/application storage notificationSupport

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  1. dogfishjones

    dogfishjones New Member

    Does any one know what the full text of the 'Low on Space' error message is? When in landscape, the most I can see is, "Application data space is low. To free up space please 1. Go to mail app and..."

    What is the rest? I can't find it anywhere.

  2. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Never seen it say anything about mail app??? It just tells me to go to manage applications and free up space
  3. gobirds895

    gobirds895 Well-Known Member

    My incredible is often notifying me that I have low application data storage and need to clear some almost every time I use an app now. My sd card, internal storage, and phone memory say there is plenty of space, and when I go through and clear data individually of each app I don't use much, its not enough or very temporary. How do I know when enough is cleared? do I have too many apps? how do I resolve this?
  4. Phoenix3193

    Phoenix3193 Member

    this happened to me too a while ago. it actually happened two times. the first time was after the facebook app was updated in late july/early august. the second time was just a couple of weeks ago. both times it went away after i cleared the app data for the facebook app. try doing that, it should work like a charm.
  5. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    if this hasnt been said in this thread, make sure you DO NOT sync your Facebook contacts, you will probably have thousands of contacts for facebook under people and the contact storage number will grow to an outrageous size. Facebook for Sense is all you need to sync your contacts will
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  6. Skorpios1027

    Skorpios1027 Frell me dead VIP Member

    That's a good tip Matt. I hadn't heard that one, but I don't sync my Facebook contacts, just Facebook for Sense (I'm guessing that's what you meant).
  7. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    oops yes, i will fix the type :eek:
  8. chimpy

    chimpy Well-Known Member

    I'm getting this now too.

    I've deleted so many apps and it still comes up repeatedly.

    What happens when I clear dialer storage? This is really annoying...I'm not low on space at all. It's clearly a software bug.

    1.95 GB free internal phone storage
    628 MB free phone memory

    Apps (by size)

    Dialer Storage - 53 MB
    Google Earth - 15 MB
    Flash 10.1 - 11 MB
    Internet - 10 MB
    Maps - 8.7 MB
    Movies - 6.9 MB
    Paper Toss - 5.8 MB
    Facebook - 5.4 MB
    ScoreMobile - 4MB

    After that a slew of 3-4 MB apps. I've probably deleted about 20 already. I'm not deleting any more.
  9. hgoldner

    hgoldner Well-Known Member

    I had not seen the message for months after a factory reset, then recently uploaded the most recent Swype Beta and it returned.

    In other developments, finally rooted my Dinc, and immediately got the low memory message.

    The is an application Cache Cleaner which will clean out that 150 MB partition which nearly always eliminates the message. It requires root, but there may be other similar apps for unrooted Dinc's; I just haven't checked around.

    In an abundance of caution, I also removed Earth, which has been informally tied to the problem (and I've simply never used HTC's crappy email client), relying on Dataviz' Roadsync for exchange email. Also wondering whether the latest Gmail update has something to do with it, but as I'll probably go to a different ROM shortly, I'm fairly certain that will kill the problem forever.
  10. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    cache cleaner never worked for me when i got the message, never found anything actually
  11. BorderReporter

    BorderReporter New Member

    I had the same problems on my Incredible: Gmail app that won't sync, Market that won't open, GoogleTalk that opens and closes faster'n a whore's door on a Craigslist coupon day. I finally figured it out.
    Today, I had downloaded upgrades for GMail, Market and Pandora. I installed all three and that's when everything went to hell.
    Since then, I removed all three updates in Applications>Manage>clicked each one>Uninstall Update, and now everything works.
    Google/HTC, please don't tell us it's a software issue from downloading erroneous apps. I've downloaded six apps: Pandora, Wells Fargo, Docs to Go, Photoshop Express Mobile, Doubletwist and Advanced Task Killer. The phone should clearly be able to handle that. This is obviously an OS issue.
    Please resolve it.
    Iphone and Blackberry committed the egregious error of blaming the users for bad phone technology (Apple with that silly $30 rubber band and Blackberry with a $100 OS fix so you can sync to Macs). That's why I bought a Droid.
  12. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    what was this exactly?
  13. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    In my experience (among others) ^that also causes more problems then it's worth. I'd be fine with google blaming them:D
    Do yourself a favor and ditch ATK and go with systempanel
    of course, as always, that is only my humble opinion (and we all know what opinion's are like;))
  14. ive noticed that if i clear any picture messages i get the error goes away. just end up saving the pics on my sd card but still a pain to constantly do
  15. BorderReporter

    BorderReporter New Member

    I was told that in order to keep my Storm from freezing up when syncing to my Mac, I needed to upgrade to the latest Mac OS, the one after 10.4. And that came from RIM.
  16. BorderReporter

    BorderReporter New Member

    You know what? I think you're absolutely right. This time, after my hard reset, I'm not installing any app killers. I don't think they did a whole hell of a lot for my battery life anyway.
  17. BorderReporter

    BorderReporter New Member

    Allow me to save you the time and aggravation; stay away from the cellphone stores. Verizon's immediate inclination (of course) was to blame my apps. I'm like, oh yeah, those five apps I downloaded sure overwhelmed my memory.

    Then I spoke to Google. 866-963-0953. Can I just say that, world domination or no, they know customer service? Holy hell, a human being qualified to answer my questions answered on the first ring!
    What he suggested was this: A hard reset, then every time you install new updates (which I had done shortly before my problems began), remove the battery for a few minutes and then restart.
    He compared it to rebooting your desktop after installing an update there. I think he's right; we'll see. He claims it should fix the problem and I shouldn't have to factory reset ever again.
    Now then, I will add that the guy seemed immediately aware of what my issue was, suggesting they're facing multitudes of complaints but I could just be a cynic.
  18. wildtouch83

    wildtouch83 Well-Known Member

    I wanted to add my experience with the low space error here. I started getting the low space message a few days ago. I was completely puzzled because my phone showed at least 6GB free Internally and on my 16GB external disk, I have about 7GB free. Internal memory showed 380MB free.

    It wants to take you to your installed apps and remove some, but, that won't get rid of the message. What cleared it for me was clearing out old texts and clearing the chats of my GTalk conversations. I use them frequently and apparently wherever those are stored are what prompted my low space messages.

    I hope this helps some of you other folks that are also getting that message but clearly are showing ample space.
  19. bird jam

    bird jam Well-Known Member

    This error is really pissing me off. I have learned to live with the notification (which I never thought would happen because I'm anal about stuff like that,) but now it won't let me read my text messages.

    Will a factory reset fix the problem? Is HTC working on this?
  20. MariposaNegra17

    MariposaNegra17 Well-Known Member

    There has been a symbol on the top left corner of my phone that tells me that my phone is "Low on Space: Application Data Spcae is Low" and when I try to text now it says "WARNING: Unable to manage your messages because your storage is full. Please delete content from other applications to make more space."

    I have unwillingly deleted so many apps and the messsges will not cease...

    After going to my Settings-->SD & Phone Storage it says:
    SD Card:

    Total Space: 14.83GB

    Available Space: 10.68GB

    Internal Phone Storage:

    Total Space: 6.60GB

    Available Space: 6.21GB

    Phone Memory:

    Total Space: 748MB

    Available Space: 611MB


    I am unsure about what action to take and I don't want to keep deleting all of my apps becasue I don't feel that it is getting me anywhere...

    What should I do? (Other than a factory reset).

    Thank you in advance,

  21. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Go to manage applications and clear cache/data on some of your apps; browsers, mail, anything with a large size

    Merged with main 'low disk space' thread
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  22. AnotherHiggins

    AnotherHiggins Well-Known Member

    Written in response to MariposaNegra17 before that thread was merged with this one:

    The message refers to "Phone Memory". That's where apps are stored by default. From what I can tell, the system reports back the amount of free space incorrectly. When it happened to me, I had about 200 apps installed, and it still showed that I had over 600MB free. That just doesn't seem likely.

    So how many apps do you have loaded? Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications. Wait for the list to load, then sort by size. Are there any heavy hitters that you no longer use? If so, delete them.

    Click in the top several apps and see how big the Cache is for each. Clear cache for apps with a large cache. Specifically check the cache sized of FaceBook, FriendStream, Mail and Messages.

    Also consider moving some apps to your SD card.

    You aren't going to want to hear this, but when it happened to me I wound up doing a factory reset.
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  23. MariposaNegra17

    MariposaNegra17 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I tried this but to no avail...the only difference is that I am able to text now, but the "Low on Space" symbol is still there >.<
  24. MariposaNegra17

    MariposaNegra17 Well-Known Member

    I have a good amount of apps and have deleted many of them and moved some to the SD card, but the "Low on Space" symbol is still there...

    If I delete the cache for GMAIL or FaceBook, how would that affect my accounts?

    Thank you for the help!
  25. bird jam

    bird jam Well-Known Member

    Does a factory reset solve this problem? For good?

    I have been averse to factory resetting my phone because I didn't want to lose some things (like unlimited tagging on Shazam,) but this problem has gotten annoying enough that I am strongly considering doing a reset. But I only want to do so if I know that it will fix everything.

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