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  1. eting66

    eting66 Member

    i using Garmin Asus A50, but the notiffication bar keep showing low on space althought my application storage still hv 410MB / 510MB. i uninstalled games n apps, but the icon still apear on the bar..anyone can help me in this problem??thanksss..

  2. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    What version of android are you running?
  3. eting66

    eting66 Member

    i dono wat version..where can i find it?? i seaching through review, it stated Android OS 1.6 but im not sure..
  4. eting66

    eting66 Member

    i found d..my phone using Android 2.1 (Eclair)
  5. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator


    hmm common enough problem. if you click where it says 'low on space' it should take you to your 'manage applications' area (if not its usually, menu>settings>applications>manage applications, 'all' tab.
    filter by size; the biggest killer is not how big the actual apps are but how much 'data' they have. in manage app section start clicking on apps and clearing data on some. that should clear that message
  6. eting66

    eting66 Member

    thanks for the informations..i already clear almost all data on my phone..but the notiffication still appear..this phone hv internal storage 3.07GB and applicatios storage is 510MB..
  7. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    do you have a lot of text messages saved on phone?

    clearing data SHOULD have made message go away. you are sure you grouped by size and was in the 'all' tab in 'manage applications'?

    it could be that you got a lemon phone but not sure..... last resort is a factory reset
  8. eting66

    eting66 Member

    i jz bought this phone about 2 weeks..all msg and photo deleted..but i really dono how to do the setting...thx alots for the informations
  9. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Welcome to the Android Forums!
  10. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    My daughter has this phone, and recently has been complaining about the low on space message. I suggested to her to clear cache on all apps, and to delete unneeded text messages, and email, but apparently, she continues to have the same issue. She hasn't had time to do anything more toward troubleshooting...but she says her text messages will not come in when the loe space message is being displayed, and her phone often reboots by itself.

    I haven't actually seen the phone, but I suggested she root it, remove some bloatware and move some of the apps to the SD card, but she isn't able to successfully run the z4root app..."low on space" sigh. Hopefully, she will have more time next week, after school is out for the summer. She is a sign language interpreter in the schools.
  11. tvittori

    tvittori Member

    I had a very similar problem. I ended up having to do a factory reset. A whole chunk of memory was restored after that. Don't know where it went but it did come back.

    GARMINCHAT New Member

    If you do factory reset, what will happen to existing applications in the mobile? Will they delete and require to download again from Android market? Please confirm.
  13. PattersonL

    PattersonL Member

    The last time I did a factory reset, the system deleted ALL information and apps.
    The phone is completely "cleared" of all user data.

    If you are thinking of doing this, please make sure you back up ALL user data first.
    That includes contacts, messages and emails - You can sync with Google
    You are also advised to back up all data for the apps you installed.
    I understand that Titanium Backup can handle the job for you, but I have not used it myself. I believe the phone needs to be rooted to use Titanium.

    Good luck.
  14. dgoodz

    dgoodz New Member

    I had the same error and couldnt find issue. Before I restored I found that the Browser data needed to be cleared and I thought I cleared everything. Good Luck!
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  15. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Glad you got it sorted!
  16. Amerikim

    Amerikim New Member

    First. I resynched my data with my pc and backed up using the Asus software.
    Next. I downloaded both root program and Titanium Backup. Rooted phone first then used titanium. Made sure backup was saved to sdcard then factory reset.
    After factory reset. Download Titanium again and run a restore. Everything is back and low space warning message does not reappear. Do not know what it cleaned up but it had been bothering me for months.
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  17. ericcc65

    ericcc65 New Member

    I know this thread is old but people keep adding to it so here goes. I finally discovered my problem with my garminfone being low on space. I found even after clearing cache, deleting apps, etc. I still got the message, which never happened early on. I discovered a bunch of apk files located in /data/cache. I had to root my phone using z4root and superuser along with the DiskUsage app. But once I found the culprit I started deleting these apks. They show up whenever I update an app. I've not found a conclusive answer yet on if I "should" do that but my apps are still working and I've got plenty of space for new and existing apps now.

    The problem seems to stem from the fact that the /data folder is actually a separate partition. So no amount of removing mp3s or anything from regular user accessible places will help, you have to remove stuff from /data. It's compounded by the issue that the garminfone doesn't have 2.2, which is when Google first allowed installing apps on the sdcard.

    Anyway, that is the key for me. I routinely go delete apks in that folder.
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  18. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Thatnks for letting us know, hopefully this will help out others as well! :)
  19. EDawg

    EDawg New Member

    I've had this problem in the past. Basically the phone was bonking updates and some app installs. When I would get done, there would be less and less space on the phone until I had the dreaded "low on space" notification that would not go away. I found some information on somebody's blog and tried it. This has worked for me a few times already, no rooting required.
    1. Select Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market
    a. Select Clear Cache (8 kb)
    2. Go back to Manage Applications > Download Manager
    a. Select Clear Data (8 kb)
    3. Exit and restart your phone. If you go back into My Device > Storage & Battery, the System Memory should be quite a chunk smaller.
  20. davemason50

    davemason50 New Member

    I had same problem with the low space error, I cleared all caches but no luck, I didn't want to clear all data because this can make apps act funny.

    I finaly fixed the problem by clearing the cache and data in the browser by going to the application manager.

    woot woot!:p
  21. davemason50

    davemason50 New Member

    Same for me, I formatted my card, cleared all caches, deleted apps, still got that stupid error when there seemed to be plenty of space on my phone, the only app I didn't mess with was the browser, when I did clear the cache and data in the browser the low space error disapeared .... it was the browser! then I just typed in google in the browser and saved it as my search engine.

    very simple if I had just cleared the browser first. :(
  22. lost_in_space

    lost_in_space New Member

    To put this all into context (a) i am not very technical, (b) this is my first droid phone and (c) this issue was bugging me since about day 1.

    I had an issue that I had the 'low space' warning coming up even after I deleted almost everything. I uninstalled all the apps, games, messages and had a raw phone! Still kept getting the message. Rooted the phone (hmmm a tough sentence to type) as advised. Downloaded a few different file managers. I ended up with x-plore and I mention this only because the path name it gives me will be their syntax not mine.

    <insert droid technical person to explain the following>. What is happening in the A50 is that there is an .apx file being left after the install in a directory that seemed to be darn hard to find and delete through any user menu option nor was it deleted at uninstall!! - so add 10 apps, get '20 files', delete 10 apps, get left with residual 10 files (so to speak). Hence the need to the freebie file tool. The tool lists the directy as "cache -> /data/cache". This is never cleared through any menu option.

    I simply go in there after every install is complete and delete the .apx files. Bingo the space is back to the claim MB less active apps.

    Been a very long time in the finding !
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  23. scruffy1

    scruffy1 New Member

    hi just thought it might help to note that a dedicated asus nuvi a50 "clear cache tool" is available as an apk from :

    www (dot) asus (dot) com (slash)Mobile (slash) A50 (slash) #download

    (sorry, the spam filter makes that difficult to do as this is my first post here, and i joined specifically to share the link) :stupido2:

    seems to do the job :party:

    you'll need an app installer and the file needs to be copied across to your sd card to make it do the goods

    i used "installer" from the android market, but "AppInstaller" also seems to do the same job - both are freeware

    hope that simplifies life for you all; i too am sick of seeing the dreaded "low on space" message :D
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