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  1. Andrioood

    Andrioood New Member

    I had my Vortex for only one month and only have 3 apps downloaded. They are not big and not taking up a lot of space. However, a "Low on Space" and "text message memory full" messages keep poping up.

    I know I have A LOT of room on this phone, however it keep saying that it's full. Whats up with this?

  2. zachary2570

    zachary2570 New Member

    Go into your settings and double check your phone storage. my vortex sometimes flips out about that and then stops suddenly. Most annoying.
  3. Stirfry001

    Stirfry001 Member

    My wife's says the same thing. She barely has anything on there and is constantly running out of room. There is so much bloatware on the phone. May need to root and uninstall a bunch of the crap that doesn't need to be there......just so she can use the phone for basic stuff. She can't even have more then 10 sms messages on there before it won't accept anymore.
  4. johnbglenn

    johnbglenn Member

    Step 1: Root your phone. Use gingerbreak, don't be afraid... it's not hard. There's a great youtube vid on how to do this.

    Step 2: Install Link2SD from google appstore. Move your largest apps to your SD card.

    Step : Profit! (couldn't resist)

    Admittedly, as of late Feb 2013, the Vortex is near if not past the end of its usefulness as a smartphone, but if you are stuck with it, these two steps will save you space and allow you to run many more apps on this phone.

    Yes, others have said clearing cache and data regularly will also help. Some apps can be moved through the Manage Applications screen, but Link2SD lets you move MANY others, including the massive (for this phone) Facebook app.

    Good luck!

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