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  1. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    .....to turn it off? It's cramping my bar ;)

  2. Mubble

    Mubble Well-Known Member

    Why don't you free up some space?

    Do a search. Its a common problem.
  3. Phenomenological

    Phenomenological Well-Known Member

    No the man has a point. It's a stupid idea having it stay there constantly, and whoever at HTC decided it was a good idea should be shot. It should only come up when you install something to remind you.

    LECTER Well-Known Member

    Move your apps to sd. ;)
  5. williamj1

    williamj1 Well-Known Member

    Using my guide :) Links in my signature. I use to get that. Does turning off the phone and turning it back on again not hide it, and then it pops up when you try to install something?

    (Btw - Lecter we make a good team :p )
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  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Oh my god, will this tag team of pushing this guide ever end?

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  7. snowmobile

    snowmobile Well-Known Member

    The notification is there for a reason and while it's there your phone is pretty much useless for many things (as sync is disabled). It's far better to get rid of the notification legitimately by freeing up space rather than just hiding it.

    LECTER Well-Known Member

    Jealous? :p :D
  9. williamj1

    williamj1 Well-Known Member

    Lol. You do realise i'm just on here to help people... so many people have storage problems. Lecter found it particularly helpful,so he mentions it but we coincidentally keep bumping into each other on threads. It's quite funny :)
  10. philpassall

    philpassall New Member

    Hi, new to this forum (and to the Desire) so forgive me if I repeat stuff already dealt with. Regarding moving apps to the SD, I now have 2.2, so a few apps can be moved. However today something odd happened - I had 104 MB free space on the phone storage, I then downloaded Angry Birds. To my delight it appeared to install itself straight on to the SD card (checked in Manage Apps and it was on the card).

    I then checked the internal phone storage again and free space had gone down to 101 MB. So I uninstalled the game and the internal storage is back to 104 MB. Weirdly, the space on the SD card also increased - so is the app duplicating itself on the card and internal storage?

    Any idea what's going on? Angry Bird is 1.83 MB by the way. What's the point of apps being on the SD card if they also use space on the internal storage. It makes me wonder why HTC don't produce a phone with a decent amount of internal storage, given that iPhones have 8 GB at least, and you don't have to mess about.

    Thanks all, any thoughts appreciated.

  11. snakeeyes21

    snakeeyes21 Well-Known Member

    the inbuilt apps2sd only moves part of the app to your sd card.
    If you want to do it properly you need to root, make an EXT3 partition, install a custom rom with apps2sd+ and you will never have memory problems again :)
  12. safe_12345

    safe_12345 Member

    Does anyone have a noobs guide to rooting as well as the steps we should take to make this partition? This is the only part that is really annoying about this phone which is the low storage otherwise everything else is spot on.
  13. snakeeyes21

    snakeeyes21 Well-Known Member

  14. snowmobile

    snowmobile Well-Known Member

    The app isn't duplicating itself. It's actually around 13mb in size so the 1.83mb you are seeing is the amount that remains on the internal memory. The rest is stored on the sd card.

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