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  1. DAVEngineer

    DAVEngineer New Member

    I have a Droid Razr and I keep getting notifications that the SD card space is getting low. The card is full of music, but how do I prevent the notification that the card is low on space? I know it's low on space and don't plan on having it not full. Thanks.

  2. heff

    heff New Member

    Bump. This is exactly my situation. Must be a VolumeLowMsg=0 kind of thing, right? Does the device have to be rooted for that?

    Also Droid Razr. TIA.
  3. droidrazrguy

    droidrazrguy New Member

    Bump. Same phone same problem. Its pretty annoying...
  4. dazz13

    dazz13 New Member

    Same exact problem here. How to turn this off??!!?
  5. seVer

    seVer Well-Known Member

    workaround is to free up enough room that you dont get that notification. maybe just a couple things...
  6. bolski

    bolski Well-Known Member

    The problem is, this warning comes up when you have 1gb free. It seems to come on when it gets below 1.1gb or something like that. It's annoying and I don't understand why we can't turn off this warning? It's on internal SD card that it keeps telling me about. But, I've seen it come up when my external SD card is low on space as well.

    Annoying as anything.
  7. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    bigger SD card?
  8. Crimson13

    Crimson13 Well-Known Member

    You are a genius! Why didn't anyone think of that!

    I'd just fill a bigger SD card with more stuff.
  9. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    Now would be the time. Amazon is having( well they were not sure now) on Sandisk memory. I picked up a 32GB class 10 card for $23. Normally that a $100 card. The 64 gb class 10 cards were on sale also.
    Can't go wrong with those prices on high quality legit, not fake cards. Especially from a company like Sandisk.

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  10. razrclive

    razrclive Well-Known Member

    try looking through the smart actions options to see if there is a way to disable the warning there
  11. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    maybe so, maybe so.

    try SD Maid.

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