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Low Phone Memory : Very Less Apps. New Phone : Pls Help !

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  1. Hey guys

    Thanks to all ur suggestions and jus bought a LG Optimus One 2 dayz bak..
    installed quite alot application arnd 40-50.
    and dem moved many to SD by using APPS2SD. :D
    But i am getting low memory as some apps cant be moved to SD.
    The thing is..tht software shows 199MB - Phone Memory
    and 22 MB Free..
    and the apps on phone are around 50 Mb....Were the hell is the rest of the space ??
    i mean how can i clear/use tht space ?? :)

  2. Try using an app like DiskUsage which will give you a detailed view where all of your memory goes. Quite a few pre-installed android apps are also on phone memory which you may not be seeing as of now.

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