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  1. cyberapps

    cyberapps Well-Known Member

    I have been getting low signals sometimes the 3g goes away then comes back sometimes the 3g and the bars turn white and sometimes green. When i'm at my place i get like one sometimes 2 bars and sometimes none but when i'm likt a walmart then i get all 6 bars. When i'm out to my dad's farm I used to get about 3 bars now i'm lucky i get 1 bar sometime none even when i'm outside I talk to boostmobile the were no help. I have done the rest of the phone took out the batty stuff like that nothing works.

    Is there anyone in North Dakota between fargo and Gardner having the samething . boost mobile all they do is swear at my calling me every name in the book lie to me i'm getting sick of it i'm about to swtich to net10 with a new cell phone.

    and i'm also going to report them to the B.B.B

  2. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    Have you tried changing your prl?
    (or even just updating it?)
  3. cyberapps

    cyberapps Well-Known Member

    yeah many times over and profile
  4. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm surprised that you're still with Boost after they messed up your scrolling wallpaper with the update. lol

    As for their customer service, it's terrible! They told a huge lie to me last month about a replacement phone that was supposedly shipped. Not only was the phone not shipped, the request was never even approved like I was told.

    I'm switching carriers and going with Straight Talk when I can afford it.The only good thing about the situation is that my phone and service are working great finally.
  5. RTLflat

    RTLflat Well-Known Member

    I believe the 3g symbol changing color is it losing our gaining contact with Google. just once after installing Rom open Google talk app and set to automatically sign in and disable notifications of you want. pings Google servers when you turn on Wi-Fi or 3g and help connect quick for ctmod it's in removed apps zip
  6. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    That's correct. If you don't sign in to a Google account, the signal bars and 3g icon will never change color. It changes color once a connection has been made with the Google servers.
  7. cyberapps

    cyberapps Well-Known Member

    I'm done with boost mobile all they can do is lie and swear and calling names. I'm done at the end of th month mabye sooner when my samsung galaxy proclaim 3g gets here on friday 9/12/2012. net10. When they call and wine to me about why my payment is late well This is what i'm going to tell them you lie to me then few bad words back to them and tell them where to go and see how they like it back then hangup on them. like they have done to me..... just before i handup i'll tell them to kiss my hairy A**.....
  8. cyberapps

    cyberapps Well-Known Member

    I just to be able to get 3 to 4 bars around here I go could 20 miles north of fargo nd and still get 3 to 4 bars all the way up to 9/19/2012 the have done something to their towers.

    I had my phone check and it is fine.

    its on boost mobile end and they have not call me back I have sent them an e-mail i'm not calling them and get that computer auto where i have to push buttons just to talk to a person that is bull SH%$...
  9. wildfire9020

    wildfire9020 New Member

    I have the same issue losing signal now. Using the dummies root successfully my phone is now rooted. I updated the PRL but it didn't help through the phone. I cant change my PRL to a sprint version because my phone lets me enter the ##8778# then blinks does nothing. DFS reader only see's com3 samsung usb nothing else then it fails. Read over the forums did google searches any help would be appreciated.
  10. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    Its been stated all over this forum... like 190 times... :p ctmod (after 2.5) stopped supporting the hidden menu.

    Make a backup, flash HalfAssRom (which does support hidden menu), then you can manually change your prl, then just restore your backup.
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  11. wildfire9020

    wildfire9020 New Member

    Sorry I posted before I found the dummiers simple version using halfassrom. I got frustrated and posted sorry. I did get the prl fixed and changed to a latest sprint prl works well atm.

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